Field Notes

Toy Story x RSVLTS: Reach For The Sky

Our first series for Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story is an homage to the two OG heroes: Buzz Lightyear and Woody. There’s so much inspiration to draw from in the Toy Story universe that it was overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. We figured we’d do our favorite sheriff and space ranger justice before moving on to anything else.

Though it might not seem like it, this collection is actually about Andy and his imagination. The initial concepts here were suppose to focus solely on the first 5 minutes of Toy Story and Toy Story 2, but because we wanted to include Jesse, we had to open up the design process to be broader and less scene specific. Buzz's Gamma Quadrant still hold's true to the intro scene from Toy Story 2, where Buzz and Zurg go at it in Andy's video game.

“Woody’s Roundup” is a tribute to our fearless leader, but seen from the eyes of Andy. He's not playing in his room with some cardboard boxes, he's creating a dusty western landscape where his hero takes on the evil One-Eyed Bart or out on the frontier searching for adventure with Jesse. It focuses on some of Woody’s most iconic western moments, from the very first time we meet him in the Toy Story intro to all of his adventures with Jesse. We wanted to emulate the style of old western movies, using simple layered colors and silhouettes. Something from the era of Woody's Roundup. 

“Gamma Quadrant” was inspired by the intro to Toy Story 2, when Buzz infiltrates Zurg’s moon base hideout. We wanted to keep the same aesthetic as Woody's Roundup to compliment each other, while still holding true to the intro scene from the movie, again putting ourselves in Andy's shoes to imagine what he's thinking when he's playing the video game. 

Because both silhouette designs are incredible subtle, by our standards, we wanted to make something more fun and literal.

We really wanted to give each character a little extra love, so we kept going. We created uniform KUNUFLEX™ shirts that are a little more subtle than a Halloween costume, but recognizable enough that everyone knows what’s up. They’re the perfect “mini me” outfit to wear with mom and dad.