Field Notes

Turning Scraps and Stickers Into Something Extraordinary

From the beginning, RSVLTS has always strived to be a company like none other. Aside from making our favorite lifestyle designs and apparel, we also pride ourselves on the strong community of people who wear our clothing.
So while the official RSVLTS Insiders FB group is at the center of the community, many others have come a long way to create smaller groups with mutual interests, such as teaching, parenting, or collecting. Whether you're part of one of these groups or not, it is clear that the people who make them up are remarkable.
One such member is Jessica, founder and co-moderator of the RSVLTS LDYS group: a Facebook group of women who wear RSVLTS, supporting other women who wear RSVLTS. At present, the group has almost 600 members and growing daily! One of the shining attributes of the group is their commitment to empowering others in the group.
As a result of some members falling on hard times, Jessica and the other moderators created a LDYS mutual aid fund. To support the fund, the moderators agreed that rather than just asking around for cash, it would be better to ask for tangible donations that could be auctioned off to one another. To set this up, they put out a call on their page to let the members know what they were planning. This call received an overwhelmingly positive response! Most items are closely tied to RSVLTS designs - like scrunchies, tumblers with the RSVLTS stickers/designs on them, or a quilt made from the fabric of damaged RSVLTS shirts that were given by other Insiders.
Additionally, other donations were made from the goodness of the members' own time and energy of things they would typically make and sell in online shops. After digitally collecting everything, the fun gets to start. The group will post photos of each item, and at the end of the designated time frame, the highest bid will win. Once the donation is confirmed, the item will be shipped out.
Thank you, RSVLTS LDYS, for taking your close-knit and robust community to do something extraordinary. The community you have, compassion for one another, and the ability to create treasures out of extra fabric, stickers, and art are inspirational for us all. Keep up the great work, and never forget to Dare Mighty Things.
Members of the RSVLTS LDYS group can bid on items now through March 14, 2021.