Field Notes

WASSSSSUUUPP?! This RSVLTS x Bud (Collection) is Most Definitely For YOU - Lookbook

Let’s simply start by saying this RSVLTS x Budweiser Collection is a dream collab for just about everyone on staff in some manner. 

For me personally...there's always going to be a special I started my post-college career as a merchandiser at a beer distributor in Columbus, Ohio, which pretty much solely distributed Anheuser-Busch products. Heck, my grandfather AND my father's favorite NASCAR driver, and perhaps all-time athlete, was a Bud man - #3 The Eliminator, Dale Earnhardt Sr. - so pretty much wherever I looked as a child, Budweiser was there. 

And still to this day I deep fry a turkey every Thanksgiving with my dad in a winter jacket I got from those Bud days, a tradition that runs proud and deep every year (quasi-sponsored by Bud...or at least, I like to say so).   


In terms of the apparel, we had approximately a million ideas at HQ, so there’s really something in here for everyone with this collection. Also, for those craft beer purists out there - take it easy, Budweiser products (s/o Busch Light!) are great tasting, refreshing beers, perfect for all occasions and most especially when stranded on a desert island. 

Lastly, note the visuals, styles and overall photoshoot for this collection was heavily (Bud-Heavy, amirite?!) inspired by some vintage 90s gear and catalogues we were able to snag, a sample of which we included below. 

As you can see, we had a blast on the set, so hope you all enjoy the pics as much as we had shooting them. Cheers!