Field Notes

Welcome: RSVLTS Reserve Heavy-Duty Shirt Jacket

If you’ve been a fan of the brand for a while, then you know RSVLTS is constantly innovating in all aspects of our business. From tweaking current products to developing new verticals to pushing creative design limits and advancements with tech, to the best of our abilities we’re working day-in-and-day-out to put forth the greatest possible products and services.  

So we’re now beyond proud to introduce a new game-changing vertical to the RSVLTS repertoire, now available: The RSVLTS Reserve Heavy-Duty Shirt Jacket!

As seen earlier this week within the latest seasonal RSVLTS x Yellowstone Collection was a first preview of this exciting new jacket format, also now available for purchase, which goes without saying features some signature branding elements based on the hit television series.

However, for those looking for a version that’s a little more subtle and bespoke, we have just the heavy-duty jacket for you. Same-same, but different, as they say. 

Overall, the new “workman” style shirt jacket will be released soon under the new RSVLTS Reserve label (more on this category also coming soon) and is meant to provide the stylish look & feel of a RSVLTS shirt while offering the thickness and durability of a midweight jacket for those colder months of the year.

The features of all RSVLTS Reserve Heavy-Duty Shirt Jackets include:

  • Cotton twill exterior - rugged and versatile
  • BorlandFlex™ flannel interior - soft and warm
  • Side seam pockets for a streamlined look and hand warmth
  • Dual front button chest pockets
  • Sturdy brass buttons w/ RSVLTS branding on the bottom button and sleeves
  • Stylish brown suede undercollar
  • Curved hem bottom cut, similar to a traditional button-down
  • Subtle external mid-shoulder loop for easy hanging

See below for a full preview including a visual style guide!

Oh yeah, and there are some Essentials Beanies that will be included within this collection, now available in two sizes (S/M; L/XL), styles and multiple colorways. See below, definitely snag one because a) they're both stylish and amazing quality and b) winter is coming, regardless of where you live, so keep those ears warm!