Field Notes

Welcome To The All New!

For nearly four years we've taken a "if it ain't broke don't fix it" approach to the RSVLTS website. But spring is here and as you'll see, we've officially launched our new site design, built totally from the ground up.

Here is what you can expect from phase one of the new site:

Easier all around. Easier to navigate for new people discovering RSVLTS for the first time. Easier for our internal team to update all the banners and imagery of the site so it always looks fresh.

• Better. Better showcase of the wide range of products and collabs we have. Better product recommendations. Better, more robust blog experience (should finally start getting thumbnails on posts that we share!). Better nav bar on desktop and mobile so people can get to where they want to go, faster. 

• Speaking of faster... site speed on the old site was abysmal. You should see immediate speed improvements. And as we update all the imagery to a new 4x5 ratio, the images will compressed in a way that should drastically speed things up. 

Phase two and beyond

Overtime, after we get feedback and work out the kinks, that is where we'll start introducing new projects like custom collab and influencer landing pages, upgraded product drop experience, a lot more original content, and much more!

So that's the big news. If you see anything that doesn't work or could be improved please send an email to with the subject line "Site Tweak. In the email body please tell us what is up and include screen shots because that helps us see what you're seeing.