Field Notes

Women’s Cut KUNUFLEX™ - Launch & Lookbook

It goes without saying, because it’s certainly been discussed many times and on many levels, but developing a RSVLTS Women’s KUNUFLEX™ line has truly been a long time coming! 

Though the classic RSVLTS KUNUFLEX™ style is unisex, having a dedicated line - and most importantly a cut that was tailored specifically for women - was something that’s been requested many times over the years by our customers (and 1000% agreed upon by the women and men who work at RSVLTS). 

So in this instance, walking the walk is/was much greater than talking the talk, and none of us wanted to rush to introduce a women’s product that didn’t truly fit the quality standards and specifications that's expected with our name on the tag. 

So we’ve been in the workshop tinkering away on these new pieces for a bit now, however what should have been a relatively normal project was slowed dramatically by COVID. No excuses, all matter of fact here: with no one in the office for many months, our director of product development - Hsin - had to mail samples back-and-forth across the country to other designers and testers, compare notes, make adjustments to fabric and a bunch of other edits all from afar. Also taken into account were other necessary nuances of women’s fashion to narrow down the development process, such as extensive cuts, fits and accents, etc., - all these various options across the board. 

It was like having pen pals, minus everything fun about having pen pals, and without the typical access to a plethora of resources, crafts or other supplies to make the writing process fun (in this analogy).

But, after a lot of iterations, we all collectively finally landed on something we all feel really good about introducing to the masses. The goal from the start has always been to make sure women can feel comfortable and distinguishable, all while stylin’ some of their favorite patterns as well!

So...what's the scoop with the product?! Let's break it down further (including an awesome behind-the-scenes lookbook & sizing guide below too): 

  • Overall, the new Women’s Cut KUNU is super versatile. The cut features a looser drape fit and side slits, so you can wear it tucked, untucked, tied… however you feel most comfortable. 
  • This shirt had gone through multiple rounds of adjustments from sleeve cuffs to waterfall shoulders and sizing, which now offers up to 4XL. We also made the sleeves adjustable, so while they come cuffed, all it takes is a snip of the stitching to let them fall for a longer look.
  • Most importantly, we wanted this new line to be distinguishable from the classic RSVLTS KUNU. This is not just those shirts shrunk down. This is a complete overhaul that’s tailored to better fit women of all body types.

We love the women of RSVLTS, so we hope you love this new style. It’s our goal to make everyone feel like we have something that suits all wants/needs, whether it be through our licensed patterns or our own product lines, and it all starts by listening to our customers and designing items that best meet those needs, and to the best of what we have available. 

And note these shirts are just the first of other women's cut drops ahead, so stay tuned for more. 

So with all this in mind...enjoy, look awesome, feel great, and please give us feedback! S/O to LDYS Insiders - Megan and Danielle - for the incredible product photoshoot as well!!!