Field Notes

Word from the 'Manager' of the Hoboken Pete's

Hey All,

It’s Pete from RSVLTS Customer Service. If you don’t know who I am or what I look like, this is me, Pete wearing the RSVLTS x Pete and Pete gear, kinda meta don’t you think?



I’m the guy who you email when you have an issue with an order, or something related to RSVLTS. And yes, sometimes I also help “model” the new wears when we have no one else available. So here I am, just a dork trying not to look bad.

Since starting with RSVLTS, I’ve had a guiding principle. That principle has always been to do my job well, help customers by going above and beyond when I can, and pitch in wherever I can to help.

Completely unknown to me, for months the entire team had been conspiring behind my back. They were designing a TLB team and mascot based around my appearance. They used code names, delayed uploading imagery to the website and our inventory data base. And recently on a triple down in Savanah Georgia for some business, and a little comradely; they surprised me with the final product.

Here is a video that they captured and my reaction.


As you can tell, I was completely flabbergasted, speechless, stunned, blown away; you name the adjective, and I was feeling it.

All I have ever wanted to do, is do the best I can. I’ve never sought out attention or accolades in this role. I’m beyond humbled when someone posts a ‘thank you’ on RSVLTS Insiders, or does something crazy, like sends a little something somthin’ to the office. 

I am truly blown away, and honored to work for this amazing company, and serve you all. I hope there is a Hoboken Pete's Cap in every check out today, but I think only my Mom is gonna be the only one to buy it.

Cheers! ~Pete