Field Notes

X-Men x RSVLTS - “Mutatis Mutandis” Bomber Jacket NOW IN STOCK

Even the greatest of the greatest superheroes have their days, so to speak. 

So here’s the deal, bub - the reversible X-Men bomber jacket is in fact LIVE and available for purchase on and RSVLTS app. 

For those that saw the jacket briefly online during Tuesday's drop...we were initially told it wouldn’t be in stock for another few weeks, so decided to include images in all marketing/online as “coming soon” so you could have something to look forward to in the coming weeks, but surprise…Christmas came super early this year. So just like Santa’s super squadron at the north pole, our friends at the warehouse were working overtime to make it happen sooner than we all had expected.

RSVLTS Marvel Week BONUS = unlocked!

The reversible bomber - “Mutatis Mutandis” - features the iconic blue and yellow combo on one side, and the prestigious Xavier Institute crest on the other, so consider this jacket your official enrollment into our inaugural class of hardcore Marvel X-Men fans.

Likewise, what a perfect jacket for the transitional winter-to-spring weather that’s on the horizon. Regardless of where you live in the country or beyond, it’s always good to have an incognito-mode jacket ready for activation as needed.