• This Google VP Just Broke Felix Baumgartner’s Freefall space jump record

    Dr. Alan Eustace, a senior vice president at Google’s Knowledge division, broke the world record for high-altitude jumps today and no one knew about it. The 135,908-foot jump surpasses Felix Baumgartner’s free fall from last year’s anticipated Red Bull jump. The strangest part of all this was the complete lack of media buzz. Friday afternoon. Everyone is hardly working, this would’ve made for a great conference room hangout sesh. Thanks Google.

  • Guinness Enters The Luxury Market With New Signature Series

    Guinness, purveyor of the famous dry stout popular all over the world, is trying something a little different this holiday season. The brand, synonymous with workingmen for the last 200 years, is now entering the luxury market with a new Signature Series. The first in this new line, an amber ale, is now available. The 1759 is an amber ale made from a combination of traditional beer malt and fine peated whisky malt and uses the same Guinness yeast that has been used for over 125 years. The classy, black matte bottle is available in the 25.4 oz (750 ml) size familiar to luxury beer lovers and is packaged in a black velvet-lined box. Inspired by a 200 year old recipe, this special beer is limited to just 90,000 bottles. That may sound like a lot, but not when you consider that’s about as much stout as the company produces in an hour. At $34.99 a bottle, it’s priced above even what many premium beer drinkers are used to, but as a one-shot it’s worth the plunge. We sampled a bottle at RSVLTS HQ, chilled and served in a stemless champagne flute as Guinness suggests. If you’re expecting a hoppy more »

  • Old Macs Transformed Into Office Furniture

    Before laptops were affordable for everyone, people in offices were tethered to their desks, sometimes within a dark, dreary space known as a cubicle, by desktop computers. A desktop computer had a big box with all the computer parts inside and a monitor that wasn’t always flat or widescreen. Oh the horror! And if you worked in an office in a creative field, all the desktop computers were Power Mac G5s, encased in anodized aluminum. As time went on, laptops—even those made by Apple—became affordable and most people didn’t have an need for a bulky computer case. Faced with an abundance of sleek but useless G5 cases, designer Klaus Geiger decided to transform them into office furniture. With all the hardware removed, these cases suddenly make for great benches and drawers. Time to go dumpster diving behind one of those fro-profit art schools… Be sure to check out the rest of the photos at Projekt Galerie.

  • How To Make A Polluted Canal Look Like An Impressionist Painting [17 Photos]

    New York-based photographer Steven Hirsch first witnessed the disgusting beauty of Brooklyn’s polluted Gowanus Canal in 2010, when he noticed oil bubbling to the surface, producing a rainbow of color like an Impressionist painting from Monet. He captured brilliant colors he saw that day and continued to do so, amassing a huge collection of photos that made the EPA Superfund Site look more like a French water lily pond rather than Brooklyn’s personal Ganges. For the most part, the photos are untouched, except some having tweaked contrast to bring out more color. Some of the photos appear below, but you can see more at Steven Hirsch’s website and in person beginning November 12 at Manhattan’s Lilac Gallery.

  • Can’t Decide on Mexican or Italian For Dinner? Have both with the Pizza-dilla

    This hero took two of the best foods to ever grace this green earth and fused them, creating a Frankenfood that you’ll want to chase with a pitchfork. Serious Eats has done wonders for Mexican-Italian international relations by creating a Pizza-dilla, that’s right, a pizza and quesadilla working cohesivley in harmony together for the greater good. with a tortilla and cast iron skillet, you can make a nice crispy base, followed by a chheese spread out to the very edges crisps up creating a browned, flavorful crust. Then after a broiler/stove combination and 15 minutes of salivating, this beauty is all yours. Please, please, please create a spaghetti and meatball burrito next. Recipe info: YIELD: Serves 1 to 2 ACTIVE TIME: 15 minutes TOTAL TIME: 15 minutes SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Cast iron skillet Ingredients 1/2 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil 2 large flour tortillas that just fit inside your cast iron skillet 3/4 cup store-bought or homemade pizza sauce 5 ounce shredded whole milk low moisture mozzarella cheese 2 ounces grated Parmesan cheese, divided 2 basil leaves, roughly torn Additional toppings, as desired 1. Adjust oven rack to 6 to 8 inches below broiler element and preheat broiler to high. Heat oil more »

  • The Most Beautiful Way To Destroy Your Drone[Video]

    What do you do when you buy a new $500 GoPro Black? Strap it to your even costlier quadcopter and capture some great footage, of course! Here’s some beautiful footage of Price, Utah, caught just as the drone was leaving the signal range of the controller. Good thing those high-tech wonders have a handy “return to home” feature so they can come back on their own. Oh, but too bad there’s a cliff in the way.

  • 8 “Compliments” You Should Never Give a Girl

    Saying her outfit looks “fine” may seem like a perfectly, well, fine thing to say to your girlfriend as she exits the bedroom, ready for that evening’s cocktail party. Little do you know, you’ve just caused her to embark on twelve, more outfit changes. What other “compliments” that you shower the women in your life with actually end up backfiring, making you look like a tool and her look like a total mess?

  • 10 Reasons Why The San Francisco Giants Are/Aren’t a Dynasty

    Every team hopes to reach reign over their league for multiple years– to win several championships in a short period of time. With the San Francisco Giants looking to hoist their third Commissioner’s Trophy in 5 years, fans are starting to talk about them as a dynasty. But the case for the Giants isn’t clear. They aren’t the Yankees of the late 90s, who dominated opponents with a core group of players. But you can also make the argument that the Giants’ impressive run is enough for them to qualify as a dynasty. With that, we embrace objectivity and try to answer the question: are the Giants the latest dynasty in baseball?

  • Stanley Kubrick Captured Chicago In These Awesome 1940s Photos [43 Photos]

    Before becoming the brilliant director of such films as 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, and A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick was a photographer and photojournalist. In the 1940s he worked for Look,a competitor of Life magazine. In 1949, the magazine sent him to Chicago for a story on the city. Although the magazine is long gone, the photos have been preserved and digitized by the Library of Congress. Check out those incredible photos of the professional wrestling match featuring the great Gorgeous George! And that lingerie model? What a tomato!

  • Download And Build Your Halloween Mask This Year

    Looking to do a little something different for Halloween this year and not support those fat cats in the novelty industry? Or are you some do-gooder who is looking for way to recycle your old cardboard boxes? Or are you just a cheapskate? Whatever your reason, this year you can try your hand at making your own mask. And don’t worry if your body is lacking in a creative bone, for Wintercroft Masks will sell you simple plans for just a little over $7. These masks may not look like the scariest creations, but they’re a great starting point. Although you could leave them in their simple, pixel-esque state, we can also see how these are a great starting point for talented painters or sculptors. With proper decoration and or maybe a little added paper mache or plaster, these could be some incredible creations. Some of our favorites are below but plenty more are available at Etsy and Wintercroft Masks.

  • Thirty-Three-Hit Wonder [Link]

    Billy Joel’s first album came out over 40 years ago and he hasn’t released a new pop album in over 20 years, but the Piano Man is still going strong. Catch up with the 65-year-old performer in this New Yorker interview at his Long Island home before a Madison Square Garden performance last month.

  • An Interactive Slide Gallery Showing the Ever Changing Landscapes of NYC

    There’s just no city that changes landscapes quite like New York. It seems like every decade the facades of store fronts change with gentrification of even the most historic of neighborhoods. Graphic designer, Paul Sahner has been snapping pictures of the streets for almost 10 years. He’s posted his photos on his blog NYC Grid then matched them with old pictures from the Library of Congress or Flickr to showcase the transformation of the city’s landmarks and streets –  check out his original project.  Here is an interactive slide gallery showing the changing landscapes of NYC.  If you want to see more of the good stuff like the photos below head over to nyc-grid.com.

  • New Episodes Of “Friends” Via The Sims 4…Sort Of

    Just because it ended 10 years ago, that’s no reason why we shouldn’t get to see new episodes of Friends. Oh wait, that’s a great reason why we don’t get new episodes. But through the magic of surreal life simulator The Sims 4 and Friends fans with too much time on their hands, we can still watch the inane New York adventures of Ross, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe. Ian Roach is a master when it comes to recreating sitcoms int he world of The Sims. He’s created characters and sets based on shows such as Seinfeld, The Golden Girls, and Arrested Development, but it was his Friends creations that sparked the imagination of Vulture. They asked Roach to run simulations of a bunch of wacky scenarios, including who would pee on the floor first if no bathrooms were available and how long would it take for Joey and Chandler to fall in love when locked in a room. Here’s a sample of the results, but you can check out the full story at Vulture.

  • More Anamorphic Street Art To Hurt Your Brain [21 Photos]

    We love all kinds of street art, but there’s something especially neat about anamorphic pieces. In case you’re a philistine who’s not familiar with the term, anamorphic art involves a distorted projection that when viewed form a certain angle produces an image that appears three-dimensional. Those popular sidewalk chalk art pieces from artists such as Kurt Wenner are a perfect example of anamorphosis. And when the illusion comes together, these particular works are especially spectacular. UK-based street artist Replete often creates anamorphic works using adjoining walls but his most unique pieces involve the use of clear cling film as an almost invisible canvas. Some of our favorites are in the gallery but you can check out more street art, paintings, and prints at Replete Graffiti.

  • 14 Brilliant DIY Pumpkin Hacks Everyone Should Know

    Halloween is right around the corner which means you are the lady friend will probably be headed to the patch in search of that award winning pumpkin. If you thought Pumpkin Kegs were the only cool thing you could do this fall think again. Here are a few carving tricks that will save you time and give you the coolest Jack-o-Lantern on the block.

  • The Truth Behind Iconic Album Covers. Sort of.

    Back in the days of CDs and vinyls album covers we’re just as important as the music inside of them, triggering a melody and feeling after growing cose to some of your favorites. Each piece of cover art was meticulously created to portray a message to the masses, but today, with digital downloads taking the majority of sales for bands, album cover art is all but lost. Aptitude takes a look at some of the most iconic album covers over the years and puts their own spin on them by revealing ‘the bigger picture’. From quirky reveals to future happenings, from Justin Bieber to The Beatles, click the album covers below and reveal all.

  • See The Making Of The World’s Most Complex Watch [Video]

    To celebrate its 175th anniversary, Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe has created the world’s most complicated watch. No, it’s not some computer-powered smartwatch, the 5175R Grandmaster Chime Watch is actually fully mechanical, made up of 1580 parts. The double-faced watch can be worn to showcase the time and sonnerie or the full instantaneous perpetual calendar. Most incredible of all is the grand and petite sonnerie, with settings for chimes at the hours and quarter hours. The watch, limited to just seven pieces, one of which will go directly to the Patek Philippe Museum, took 8 years to develop. Unfortunately, all six watches have already been reserved by collectors. But at a price of over $2.5 million, you probably couldn’t have afforded one anyway.

  • The Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaser Looks Nothing Short of Epic

    The Avengers are back this time trying to take on Ultron (played by James Spader) a highly intelligent robot from Marvel Comics who is bent on destroying humanity so as to replace humans with machines, and is the archenemy of the Avengers and Hank Pym, his creator. Iron Man has a new suit that looks like a suit big enough to fight the Hulk which he does, Thor looks scared, Captain America looks defeated and the Avengers look all but defeated in this trailer. We have a feeling they survive. Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” in theaters May 1, 2015!

  • This Is The Greatest Use Of An Ice Dispenser Since…Ice [Video]

    Yesterday a Redditor posted pictures of his ice dispenser that he filled with candy so instead of ice cubes, you get an assortment of frozen treats. But in typical Internet fashion, nobody believed that it would actually work. Whereas most posters, when confronted with the righteous cynicism of folks on the Internet, would delete their post and dare never to post anything again (until they make a new username), this brave OP created a video to prove the functionality of his brilliant lifehack. But frozen Starbursts?? Does this guy own stock in Dentistry Inc.?

  • Using Technology To Overcome Golf “Mis-hits”

    Did you know that 76% of all iron shots are mis-hits struck outside the center of the face. Yes, you heard that right. Considering the face of the club is where the fastest ball speeds are produced this might explain why you shoot like you and Sergio Garcia shoots like Sergio Garcia. The fact that nearly 8 out of 10 golf shots are “mis-hits” led Taylor Made to develop a revolutionary new technology, designed to improve consistency and distance. No golfer is perfect, not even the best players in the world hit the center of the club every time. So their “Face Slot Technology,” available on the RSi line of clubs starting November 14, 2014, provides greater consistency across the face, giving players improved performance on mis-hits. This technology won’t turn you into a pro overnight but it’ll certainly make bachelor party outings a lot less frustrating. Photo source: sporttechie.com

  • 2014 Wildlife photographer of the Year Winners Announced

    The results are in for wildlife photographer of the year 2014 competition. The winners were announced today at London’s Natural History Museum and the the winner is American photographer Michael Nichols with his image of five female lions at rest with their cubs in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. A collection of the list of category winners were announced as well. Black and White category winner and Overall Wildlife Photographer of the Year winner The last great picture by Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols (USA) Mammals category winner The mouse, the moon and the mosquito by Alex Badyaev (Russia/USA) Plants and Fungi category winner Glimpse of the underworld by Christian Vizl (Mexico) Photograph- Christian Vizl/2014 WPY Invertebrate category winner Night of the deadly lights by Ary Bassous (Brazil) World in our Hands category winner The price they pay by Bruno D’Amicis (Italy) World in our Hands category finalist The longline lottery by Rodrigo Friscione Wyssmann (Mexico) Natural Design category winner Cardinal sparks by Patrik Bartuska (Czech Republic) Photograph- Patrik Bartuska/2014 WPY Earth’s Environments category winner Apocalypse by Francisco Negroni (Chile) Birds category finalist Touché by Jan van der Greef (The Netherlands) 10 Years and under winner and Overall young Wildlife Photographer of the more »

  • Back to Where it All Began. Important First Steps for the Internet

    Oh how far the world wide web has come, in 1985 the first domain was registered, and today 271 million domain names exist. In 1992, the first photo was uploaded to the Internet and now, in 2014, 1.8 billion photos are uploaded and shared daily. This infographic by WebpageFX highlights some of the internet’s first steps toward a life we know only as normalcy today. Just think before 2005, YouTube didn’t exist. So basically the world didn’t exist before 2005.

  • KFC Korea Has Taken The Double Down Up A Notch

    When KFC first unveiled the Double Down sandwich back in 2010, it was a testament to the deep-fried opulence of ‘Murican fast food. Bacon, two kinds of cheese and secret sauce with two fried chicken fillets in place of a bun—what could be better? How about beef? KFC South Korea, who already have a Zinger Double Down MAXX with added hash brown and salsa, have now announced Zinger Double Down KING, with a hamburger patty, bacon, barbecue sauce, and a creamy black pepper sauce between two spicy fried chicken fillets. The 650-calorie sandwich is available for a limited time for 6900 won (about $6.50). Now KFC America needs to add another animal to the mix and reclaim our deep fried menagerie.

  • Real Men Wear Lucha Libre Masks [Link]

    Everyone loves the colorful masks worn by Mexico’s Lucha Libre wrestlers but there is so much more to enjoy about the Mexico’s unique take on American-style professional wrestling. The insane speed and high-flying acrobatics of the athletes makes for spectacular entertainment. Now a new TV show, Lucha Underground, takes a look at the real men behind those kooky masks.

  • Would You Eat At A Restaurant Made Of Bones? [11 Photos]

    In a modernist 1940s building in Guadalajara, Mexico you can find chef Alfonso Cadena’s new concept restaurant, Hueso. From the Spanish word for “bone,” Hueso’s walls are covered in 10,000 animal bones—a macabre twist on the old trumpets and oars and other crap on the walls at a TGI Friday’s. There are also old cooking tools mounted to the wall, but everything is the same, off-white, bone color scheme, creating an ultra-clean appearance. Hueso was designed by CADENA+Asociados and it looks like a great place to eat. Just leave your PETA pals behind.

  • Cooking With Beer: 10 Beer-Based Recipes [Infographic]

    Beer is great. It tastes good…you can drink it…it can get you drunk…what’s there not to love? But it’s important that you eat food, too—especially when you’re drinking. If only you could eat your beer. Turn that alcoholic frown upside down, because beer can be used in all sorts of food! With soup, bread, entree, and cookie recipes, you can have beer infused with every course. And cooking it means the alcohol goes away so you can drink plenty of beer while you eat without worrying about overdoing it. Now would someone be nice enough to make us some beer and cheddar soup on this cold and rainy day?

  • Another Teen Daredevil Is Scaling Skyscrapers [11 Photos]

    What is it with kids these days? When we were young, the only thing we scaled was the basketball pole on the playground when our ball got wedged between the hoop and backboard. We’d shimmy up those 10 feet and that was plenty, thank you very much. But now, these kids need more extreme pursuits. Instead of “Dunk Hunt,” they play “Grand Theft Auto.” Instead of inline skates, they have hoverboards. And instead of climbing basketball poles, they scale Hong Kong skyscrapers. Andrej Ciesielski is the latest young daredevil. The 17-year-old from Munich, Germany, recently scaled Hong Kong’s Yat Chau International Plaza and the China Online Building without any safety equipment. Joined by Alexander Remnev (Russian…no surprise there), the entire adventure was caught on camera. And now that he’s conquered Hong Kong, Andrej wants to travel to New York City. Do you think he’d be welcome at 432 Park Avenue?

  • This Commercial Is An Incredible Ski Film

    Filming athletes in LED suits is all the rage right now, and we’re just fine with that. It makes for awesome video and which what Philips was hoping for when they teamed with Swedish agency Ahlstrand & Wållgren and filmmakers Sweetgrass Productions to create “Afterglow,” a short film to promote Philips’ color-backlit Ambilight televisions. The 12-minute long video was filmed at Golden Alpine Holidays in Aleyska, Alaska. The slopes were lit up with brilliant colors while the team of professional skiers wore suits comprised of thousands of LEDs. This is the sort of advertising we can really get into.

  • Why Do College Athletes Continue To Sign Autographs For Money? Because, Why Not?

    Jerseys.  Pictures.  Flags.  Babies. Go ahead and ask the 20 year old version of me for a few signatures, I’d sign anything if the price is right. I even mean a “$1 Bob” bid on a vinyl gazebo kind of Price is Right. When I was 20 Bob Barker was still neutering pets on TV, the Big 10 Conference had 11 schools instead of 14 (in college counting is no longer required), and reading tweets from athletes was not considered a scheduled segment on Sportscenter.  I didn’t possess the clout and notoriety that college football athletes have today.  Unless you’re counting an open container and a lifestyle detrimental to my liver I didn’t possess anything.  Whether they were proud alumni seeking an autograph, a memorabilia agency looking to cash in, or Bank of America card services: no one wanted my signature. There is seemingly an annual accusation of NCAA rule violations by some of college football’s biggest stars relating to the art of signing their name.  Jameis Winston.  Todd Gurley.  Johnny used-to-play Football.  The memorabilia demand is clearly there and as for the athletes there’s more we know of, and likely far more we don’t. In addition to playing football, more »

  • 24 Teams With Longer Championship Droughts Than The Kansas City Royals [Original Infographic]

    People are going crazy over the fact that the Kansas City Royals haven’t played a World Series game in 29 years. But 20% of the teams in Major League Baseball, and nearly two dozen additional professional teams from the NBA, NFL and NHL, haven’t played in championship game on over 29 years. With some, looking at you Chicago Cubs, feeling the pain of a drought that is decades long.

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