• Add Some Kick to Your Halloween with these Moonshine Recipes

    This Halloween add a serious kick of moonshine to any party with some of these recipes. Moonshine has become all the rage this fall and American Born has created a few delicious ideas for recipes that will get you drunk enough to not care about being the back of the tandem horse costume.   BAD MOON RISING 2 OZ American Born Moonshine Original 1 OZ Malibu Rum 1 OZ Makers Mark ½ OZ Lime Juice Grenadine   RATCHET ROSE 2 OZ American Born Moonshine Apple Pie 1 OZ Lemon Juice ¼ OZ Grenadine Directions: Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well, then strain into a glass filled with ice.   HARVEST MOON 2 OZ American Born Moonshine Apple Pie 4 OZ Apple Juice Directions: Pour ingredients into a mug and microwave for 30-45 seconds. Sprinkle with cinnamon and serve.   THE MONSTERS AND CRITICS JULEP 2 OZ American Born Moonshine Original 20 Mint Leaves 1 TSP Sugar Directions: Combine sugar with mint leaves in a shaker and muddle. Add moonshine and ice and shake until the shaker is frosted. Strain and pour into a small old-fashioned glass. Garnish with mint sprig.   MOONSHINE SANGRIA 1 Bottle more »

  • One World Trade Center Opens For Business And The View Is Amazing

    One World Trade Center’s first tenant will move in on Monday when Conde Nast moves into floors 20 through 44 of the 1,776-foot skyscraper. It has been over 8 years since construction began on the world’s tallest office building, and we can’t wait to see the view from the top for ourselves. Unfortunately, the 120,000 square foot observation deck on the 102nd floor won’t open until spring 2015. However, photographer James Keivom was able to capture these photos from the unfinished deck. For more photos and info about One World Trade Center, check out the full article at the Daily News.

  • Season 5 of “Comedians in Cars… YaddaYadda” Promises to Be Spectacular

    Jerry Seinfeld’s newest brainchild, ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ promises to be his most relevant season yet. This season we’ll be graced with that sensual sound of poured coffee and luxury classic engines with the likes of Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, Jimmy Fallon (doing an impression of Jerry with Jerry), Miranda Sings and one of the new kings of stand-up, Bill Burr. Same premise, different season, new cars, brilliant minds.

  • The Abandoned Ruins of Detroit

    Today, when you think of Detroit, you think of crime, decrepit buildings and an abandon urban wasteland looking to be wiped clean, as if to push the reset button. As the largest city in the U.S. to file for brankruptcy, Detroit’s once beautiful historic buildings and landmarks are crumbling and decaying before our very eyes. Photographers, Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre have been chronicling Detroit’s fall since 2005 and now they’ve shared their photos in a book titled The Ruins of Detroit , a true look at the abandoned wasteland that was once a symbol of industrial success.

  • Watch A History of Nike Visualized

    Nike is widely regarded across the globe as the premiere brand for active wear. In their short history, Nike founder Phil Knight has taken the company’s product to the pinnacle of science and sport, while also conveying groundbreaking messaging in their advertising campaigns. But it all started with an Oregon track shoe and a swoosh logo that sold for $35.

  • This Cocktail Menu Is Also A Pop-Up Book

    When London’s Savoy Hotel opened in 1889, it was one of the classiest hotels in the world, offering unheard of luxuries such as electric lights and hot water. 125 years later, the Savoy is still one of the world’s premier hotels with an equally impressive Art Deco bar, the Beaufort Bar. Recently the Beaufort Bar unveiled a new cocktail menu, but when you’re serving $40 drinks, an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper with comic sans and fun clip-art just doesn’t cut it. So the bar turned to paper engineer Helen Friel and illustrator Joe Wilson to create up a pop-up book with each signature cocktail receiving it’s own page. Only 1,000 copies of the pop-up menu were printed and you can get one for $80. Considering the price of the drinks, that’s not too bad. And if you can’t make it to London, you can see what you’re missing with this digital 2D menu. Source: Grub Street

  • Zoe Cross Works It At The Gym

    Zoe Cross is going to be a staple of RSVLTS.com for years to come. We were first introduced to her earlier this month when she made her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit South Africa debut and now there is this incredible photo set for Stab Magazine featuring the emerging Australian star sweating it out in the gym.

  • 23 Mug Shots That Will Motivate You Not To Get Arrested On Halloween

    There are few things worse than getting arrested on Halloween. Getting arrested anytime sucks ass but on Halloween it’s exceptionally bad. Drunks, in full costume, totally out of there mind, probably crying cause they’ve never been arrested before. It’s a sad tale that repeats like clockwork every year. But the worst part of the whole experience is if you get arrested on Halloween that means a mug shot, of you in full costume, will hit the public web for everyone to see. No one wants to look at a regular mug shot photo of Joe Schmo looking like a glossy eyed drunk idiot but if Joe Schmo is dressed in a Honey Boo Boo costume in the mug shot than it is viral gold that will never go away. So we scoured the internet for some examples of why you don’t want to have a mug shot taken on Halloween.

  • Pornhub Comments Make Great Horror Movie Taglines

    Being a group of upstanding young men, we’re not entirely too familiar with what goes on at Pornhub. After all, I was awarded a merit badge for pure thoughts. But apparently it’s some sort of website with videos of men and women or women and women or men and men or women and Spongebob impersonators engaged in romantic activities. And for some reason, people feel the need to comment on these videos. Although these comments would make a sailor blush when in the context of the adult videos, they take on entirely different meanings when paired with classic horror movies. In fact, these posters from The Poke have really piqued our interest and we might just have to check out what this Pornhub is all about. Just for the comments, of course.

  • Motivational Posters Finally Get the GIF Treatment

    We all know and loathe those motivational posters, almost as much as we loathe those ironic demotiational posters. Now there’s a new generation to tag along with the series, this time in GIF form. Whether it’s friendship, or commitment these tongue in cheek motivational poster GIFs will give you the giggles.      

  • 40 Years Ago Muhammad Ali Unveiled The Rope-A-Dope

    The greatest boxing event of the 20th century took place 40 years ago today in Kinshasa, Zaire when undefeated world heavyweight champion George Foreman faced off against former heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali. Ali had been stripped of his title in 1967 when he refused to comply with the draft and enter the US Army. His boxing license was suspended for over 3 years, and when he returned to the sport, Joe Frazier was the undefeated champ. Ali made his way up the ranks and fought Frazier in 1971’s Fight of the Century. Frazier won by decision but two years later faced George Foreman, who knocked Frazier down six times in two rounds before the fight was stopped. Young George Formeman was the new champ. In 1974, promoter Don King was able to convince Ali and Foreman to fight if he could offer up a $5 million purse. The young King didn’t actually have the money, so once the fighters signed on, he searched for an outside country to put up the money and sponsor the fight. President Mobutu Sésé Seko of Zaire was awarded the event and the Rumble in the Jungle was born. The fight itself was memorable for more »

  • Here’s What Westeros, The Throne and Other Landscapes Were Suppose to Look Like

    Game of Thrones is a smash hit. If you’re a fan of the show, your really a fan of the show. Like, miss your nephew’s birthday party for the season premiere fan of the show. If you’ve ever read the books, however, you might find the landscapes described a little differently than what you see in the show. After George R.R. Martin spoke at 92Y in Manhattan on Sunday about “The World of Ice & Fire,” his new book focusing on the history of Westeros, he notes that the Westeros portrayed on television’s “Game of Thrones” can be gorgeous, but it’s not always how he envisioned it would look. “I wanted accurate versions of these castles. We’ve had a number of different artists draw them on covers and on the fantasy like cards and games, and some of them have been beautiful images but not necessarily accurate to what I described,” Martin said of his vision for the world. Martin has since worked closely with the artist responsible for portraying what the landscaped are actually suppose to look like.   Castle Black at The Wall     Dragonstone       The Red Keep at King’s Landing     Winterfell more »

  • Artists Transform NYC Water Towers To Promote Water Scarcity Awareness

    In an effort to draw attention to the global water crisis and bring art to the New York City skyline, water towers in the city that never sleeps are being transformed with the creative touch of well-known participants. As part of The Water Tank Project, each water tower is being covered in creative, lively, colorful, and powerful artworks by some of the most renowned international artists, including Jeff Koons.

  • The Case for Football the NFL in London

    RSVLTS took a trip across the pond this past weekend and attended the NFL International Series game in London. What we experienced makes us believe that the NFL in London could be realistic and hugely successful. But there needs to be a well through out plan. If you are anything like me a few weeks ago while perusing through a detailed study of future fantasy football bye week replacement options you too scoffed at the preposterous notion of a 9:30am EST start time for Falcons/ Lions in Week 8.  Hearing friends and media personalities comment on the upcoming morning game there was certainly more of a sense of confusion than excitement.  After all we’re Americans, citizens of a nation founded on change who spend centuries fighting against it; things that are different are icky. Yet as Saturday night approached I was downright giddy.  The fact that I could wake up and have a seamless string of NFL programming, endure a buzz killing hour long gap featuring the Wizard of Hangovers & Naps Tony Dungy, and cap the night with more NFL was a tantalizing realization. Let it be known that Week 8 of the 2014 NFL season will go down as the low more »

  • Rikk Wilde: The Internet Reacts To The Overnight World Series Sensation

    Chevy cared so much about the World Series that they sent a regional zone manager named Rikk Wilde up to the podium to give Madison Bumgarner his prize for winning the World Series MVP award, a brand new 2015 Chevy Colorado. Rikk did what every normal guy would do on live TV in front of 20+ million people, got nervous as shit and stumbling through his description of the vehicle using the phrase ‘technology and stuff’ much to the delight of thee Twitter community. Because of this epic fail on live TV Rikk immediately shot to the top trend on Twitter and is an overnight celebrity who will be the talk of the internet and morning shows across American in the coming hours. While everyone is poking fun at Rikk, see the live top Tweets feed below, we hope that he takes this is stride. Rikk Wilde Tweets about “Rikk Wilde” #ChevyGuy #ChevyGuy Tweets Photo source via nydailynews.com / DOUG PENSINGER/GETTY IMAGES

  • Hero Paralympian Creates A ‘Foosball Player’ Halloween Costume

    Paralympic ski racer, Josh Sundquist is known for creating clever and elaborate Halloween costumes, not letting his disability get in the way of having a good time. Sundquist who’s left leg had to be amputated after a year of chemotherapy treatments decided to use his one leg as an advantage to create a foosball-player costume for Halloween this year. Using materials like cardboard, bubble wrap and duct tape, Sundquist and friends, was transformed into a life-sized version of a foosball player.

  • NYC’s MTA Celebrates 110 Years of Service By Letting Passengers Ride Vintage Subway Trains

    As part of the commemoration of the New York subway’s 110th anniversary, MTA New York City Transit ran two “Nostalgia Trains” on the 2 & 3 lines between Times Square-42 St. and 96 St. on Sun., October 26, 2014. The MTC ran these two “Low-Voltage,” or “Lo-V” cars to celebrate the city’s 110th anniversary servicing New York City commuters. MTA Flickr uploaded photos capturing the vintage experience some lucky passengers had.

  • Bell & Ross BR-X1 [Watch Wednesdays]

    This year aviation watch maker, Bell & Ross will be releasing the BR-X1, a high tech chronograph with a sporty design. The sophisticated skeleton watch claims to be the first in a new style of design era for the B&R brand. An extreme version of the BR-01, whose iconic square shape is directly inspired by aeronautical flight instruments, the BR-X1 is much more than a top-of-the-range contemporary sports watch: it is the “Ultimate Utility Watch. Although it’s not your typical luxury watch, the BR-X1 will run you a pretty penny, the 45 mm diameter, titanium and ceramic with rubber band will cost you around $19,500.

  • #WCW: Robin Holzken Because She Is The New Face of Beach Bunny Swimwear

    Remember the name Robin Holzken because you are hearing about her for the first time right here on RSVLTS.com. Beach Bunny Swimwear has a way of creating new stars like Nina Agdal and Melissa Bolona, to name a few, and this week they found a new face of their brand in Robin. We don’t know too much about her but regardless she is our #WCW this week and hopefully 2015 will be her breakout year.

  • Hulu Will Soon Begin Streaming Your Favorite Nostalgic Saturday Morning Cartoons

    Attention all ’90s children; you’re Saturday mornings can once again be spent laying in bed watching the same cartoons you grew up with. Streaming service, Hulu, just struck a major deal with Viacom, which means shows from Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, TVLand, Spike, BET, Logo and more will begin streaming immediately.  With Nickelodeon also under the Viacom umbrella ’90s cartoons such as Hey Arnold! and Ren & Stimpy will once again become watchable, this time at your beckoning call… With 60 seconds of pre-roll every 5 minutes. As for comedies, full seasons of Key & Peele, Drunk History, Inside Amy Schumer  and Workaholics will be made available from Comedy Central. [h/t] Mic

  • Sacrebleu! The World’s Oldest Basketball Court Is In France

    Basketball was invented by James Naismith in 1891 while he was a teacher Springfield College in Massachusetts, so one would think that the oldest basketball court would be in Springfield. Unfortunately, that court was destroyed in a fire. But in 1892, shortly after the game was invented, the YMCA built their first center in Paris. To help set it up, the organization called on Melvin Rideout, a fellow instructor from the YMCA training school known as Springfield College. Rideout brought the new game of basketball with him and set up a court in the building’s basement. 122 years later, Paris’s first basketball court still stands, making it the oldest in the world. Zut alors!

  • There’s Street Art In Maine? [Video]

    When you think of Maine, you most likely think off pastoral New England settings, lobster, maple syrup…um…Stephen King—but certainly not street art. However, Portland is home to a thriving street art scene and has been for some time. Learn about the art and the artists in this short documentary that journalist Steven Jackson produced while at Portland’s Salt Institute and is currently being featured on The Atlantic.

  • Windows 93 Is The Best Fake OS Ever

    Jankenpopp and Zombectro have teamed up to create a bizarre art project called Windows 93. The in-browser OS that you can try out for yourself at Windows93.net features solitaire, a virtual desktop girl, infuriating pop-up windows that constantly multiply, a musical defrag utility, and plenty more to keep you busy during your boring Wednesday workday. Of course, much of the technology in Windows 93 is way ahead of anything we actually had at the time with Windows 3.1, but it’s still a fun, nostalgic trip back to the 90s. Although we’re not sure if we understand it as art. Or maybe that’s the point. Yes, quite. via Fast Co

  • 5 Simple Cocktails For Your Halloween Party

    Halloween is quickly approaching and if you’re hosting a party, you need to make sure you have the perfect cocktails on hand. The days of offering shots of bottom shelf whiskey and oddly-flavored liqueur (does that say cactus juice schnapps?) chased with light beer are long behind you (hopefully). But you also don’t need to be spending your time on concoctions with 30 ingredients including herbs you never heard of and a variety of expensive bitters you’ll quickly forget about in the back of your liquor cabinet. That’s why Captain Morgan teamed up Owl’s Brew, creators of delicious tea mixers, and celebrity chef Nadia G for these quick and easy cocktails.

  • The Dramatic Rise and Fall of the Most Popular Halloween Costumes of the Past 5 Years. Sorry Clowns.

    Accorsing to the National Retail Federation, Quoctrung Bui and LA Johnson the witch reigns supreme on Halloween. In this elaborate and fun interactive graphic using the NRF as refrence Bui and Johnson collected information pertaining to Halloween retail sales over the past 5 years. The witch won ever year. The most fun you can have with the graph, however is follow along at the growing increase and decline of trends from 2009-2013. See the full interactive chart at NPR. For instance the zombie costume made a dramatic run from 2009 to 2011 “rising from the dead” (see what I did there?) at 13th place all the way up to 4th, without a doubt due to the growing trend of zombies in television and movies. The Walking Dead, for example, premiered on October 31, 2010, the same year the zombie costume rose from 13th to 7th. Another honorable mention goes to Batman, with the release of The Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Rises breaking records at the box office it’s no wonder why Batman’s stock has been on the rise for the past 3 years, ultimately hitting an unprecedented 2 spot last year. Another theory, now hear me out, is the more »

  • This Artist Will Draw You As A Zombie For $25

    If you aren’t familiar with Sketchmob, it’s a pretty neat site where a variety of artists with different styles will draw your portrait for very reasonable prices. And perfect for Halloween, Poland-based artist Rzuud’s specialty is transforming your photo into a cartoon zombie. Prices start at just $25 for one person, $20 for each additional person and $10 for each pet. You can see a couple of samples on Rzuud’s Sketchmob page and they look pretty neat. When you get your completed zombie portrait, you can then get a hi-res poster or canvas print up to 48″ x 36″, with the prints currently priced at 50% off. And if zombies aren’t your thing, check out the other artists at Sketchmob. I need someone who can put me in a Frank Frazetta-esque fantasy painting, like something out of Saddam’s palace.

  • A Visual Breakdown and Guide to the Dress Shoe

    Gents, there’s nothing worse than a grown man who doesn’t know the proper dress shoe to wear at the proper time. Women have said it time and time again, shoes are important. If they think so, so should you. We’re not saying you have to go out and buy some $300 loafer, but a well kempt shoe game can take you miles with a potential mate. Here’s a visual breakdown of shoes made by Nice Laundry, to show you exactly what type of dress shoe you should have in your arsenal.

  • Tony Hawk Is 46 And Still Incredible [Video]

    Tony Hawk, who at 46 has a son who is also a professional skater, may have retired from competitions 15 years ago, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still an amazing skater. In his new video, “Perched,” Hawk pulls off some of his most famous tricks to remixes of songs that anyone who played the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater videogame will remember—”Jerry Was A Race Car Driver” by Primus and “Police Truck” by the Dead Kennedys. It’s great to see Tony Hawk still being awesome, but we can’t help but wonder how he’d fare in a competition these days…

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