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Microsoft’s HoloLens Device Is Coming Early 2016

Before you can get really excited about the arrival of the Microsoft HoloLens, you kind of need to fully understand what it is. At a base level, it begins with Microsoft’s new technology of holographic computing. Windows Holographic is a three-dimensional, environmentally aware application environment that will be supported via most…


The Chicago Cubs’ Billy Goat Curse Turns 70

The Cubs have pretty much always been the MLB’s most lovably unlucky team. They haven’t made the playoffs in decades and are usually just a fat helping of “ehh” as the season progresses. Well, suspiciously, today marks the 70th anniversary of the fabled “Billy Goat Curse” as well as the…


The Bullhorn: The RSVLTS Week 4 Recap

This week saw a couple of losing teams come into their own in terms of playing well together and just straight up not losing. Though a few struggling teams continued to struggle, but that’s just par for the course. Also, a horrible week to be a kicker. As with weeks…