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Breakfast Balls Appears on CNN with Golf Legend - Patrick Koenig!

For many, finishing a round of 18 is an enjoyable occasion solo or with friends, yet at times can be the most frustrating endeavor altogether. Now how about averaging 36 holes per day for an entire year? #LivingTheDream amirite? 

Yeah, well…Patrick Koenig, he lived that life on the road throughout all 2023, which means he has enough truly epic stories - mostly stellar with a couple of rough spots - to share for a lifetime. And Patrick just had the incredible opportunity to sit down with CNN to talk about his golfing adventures on the road in his RGV (rec golf vehicle), most notably his record breaking feat of playing 580 rounds of golf in 365 days

Spoken like a true legend, this quote says it all: 

“I feel like there’s a difference between going through life and then really living it,” he told CNN. “I don’t know if I can reach for much more. Total enlightenment maybe still eludes me, but this was a good step towards finding that.”

Patrick, who has been a fantastic Breakfast Balls partner and collaborator for the past year, has quite the history doing these legendary feats and other interesting lifestyle events and stunts, in addition to being one heckuva and otherwise.  

Needless to say, while Patrick is a great golfer in many regards, he’s an even greater guy across the board, and we’re proud to have been a part of his fantastic journey. And we’re just getting started too, tons of events to follow on the horizon as well, so stay tuned for even more action from Patrick and BB!  

So check out the full CNN clip below, and additionally here’s a Field Notes post when Breakfast Balls was on the scene alongside Patrick Koenig during his record breaking feat back in October 2023. 

And  👀👀👀 that fire 1:1 commemorative 450 QZ he was rocking after the occasion as well, whydontcha!