Field Notes

RSVLTS Memorial Day Military Deployment Box Program - B.O.G.O. Edition

Over the last two years our Deployment Box program has grown beyond our wildest expectations. To date the incredible RSVLTS community has contributed gear to over 2,500 military members stationed all over the globe. 

When the group photos come in it makes us so proud and we love to hear all the positive feedback from the troops. A recent recipient of a Deployment Box wrote us last week saying, "It’s been the best part of deployment so far."

In honor of all the brave men and women serving in the military across the world, RSVLTS is proud to extend our Deployment Box program even further for a special program on this Memorial Day 5/31. 

Essentially, we're offering a new sort of B.O.G.O. program for purchases on our site on the day itself, basically you Buy One (of anything over $50), and we'll Give One of many existing shirts to be included within our growing list of deployment box requests!

We've heard a lot of positive feedback recently from many troops/units based on our most recent wave of deployment box distributions, which we know these boxes and all the gear inside go a long way in spreading some cheer among the squads. 

More specifics for Monday 5/31

•   Starting at Midnight EST, through 11:59 PM PT (2:59 AM ET), we'll match every RSVLTS purchase over $50 by adding a shirt to a Deployment Box to be sent to a unit serving overseas. ⁠

•   That's it. It's literally as simple as that, no promo code or designation necessary - we'll handle all the logistics from there. 

    We appreciate everyone's love and support of the RSVLTS brand, and hope you all have a safe, wonderful MDW and can find some time for a little R&R with friends and family. We all need and deserve it this year. 

    And most importantly, thank you again to all the troops stationed across the globe in helping keep America safe so we can enjoy this time together as such!