Field Notes

New STAR WARS | RSVLTS Collection - First Look & Launch News

An urgent communique from far, far away... 

Important, please note: there will NOT be a collection launch tomorrow (7/20).

However, as the headline suggests, we want to do something a little different this year and provide a brief preview of an incredible Star Wars collection that will launch online very soon.

So like we’ve done during a few other events, below is a first look at the upcoming new STAR WARS | RSVLTS Collection, which will be a first-to-market opportunity for customers at San Diego Comic Con to purchase before the full collection launch. Excluding the SDCC show exclusives, which will only be available during this week/weekend at the booth, these items will all be hitting DTC in a few weeks, in advance of the “Ahsoka” series premiere on Disney+.

Why are we posting all this news now? Because Wednesday night (7/19) is preview night at SDCC, so all the images of the new products will inevitably  begin to surface on social media and other news sites, and therefore we wanted to give you the news first.

Between SDCC and the “Ahsoka” series debut (8/23), timing wasn’t on our side to make everything work perfectly for a simultaneous launch. That said, we only brought a limited inventory of the new collection to San Diego to debut during Comic Con (see below), so if you aren’t able to get your hands on this gear at the show, you’ll absolutely still have the opportunity to grab them all in a few weeks when they launch at and on the app!

We’re extremely stoked about the upcoming Star Wars products and can't wait for you to get your hands on them in a few weeks. Stay tuned for more information on the timing of the DTC launch!