Field Notes

EARTH DAY Thoughts: Our New Eco-Packaging and Captain Planet Drop

As mentioned a few weeks back with the Dropzone launch, consistent innovation in all forms is critical to any company’s growth and success. And depending on the sector of business, this often means going above and beyond just digital tech innovations as well. 

And look - by no means are we perfect nor are we fully sustainable, but we’re conscious and committed to doing as much as possible to reduce our impact on the planet. 

So today, and in celebration of Earth Day, RSVLTS are proud to announce the introduction of a new and improved eco-friendly packaging as part of our increased focus on sustainability, with the full-scale rollout ready to begin this week moving forward. 

Oh yeah...and the first shipments in the new packaging will begin with a drop of an exclusive Cottonstretch Captain Planet and the Planeteers x RSVLTS shirt, which depicts the show’s main characters as part of RSVLTS’ patented all-over-print design. 

Made from the same cotton-stretch fabric with natural fibers from last week’s Cottonstretch collection drop, the Captain Planet x RSVLTS button-down shirt features the same comfortable feel and flex of a standard RSVLTS KUNUFLEX™, just with a new material to allow more options within one’s current closet heat collection. 

More importantly however, the launch of the poly mailer packaging marks a sweeping switch in operations that will exponentially reduce our carbon footprint on many levels for future reductions. 

Beginning back in Q3 2020, RSVLTS started this phased approach with the removal of a tissue paper insert and three plastic clips per shirt, thus eliminating approximately 500,000+ clips within the past six months alone (estimating approximately 1 million per year). 

More About The 100% Compostable Packaging

In looking at ways to both improve the function and form of the previous mailers, the adjustments in the new smaller poly mailer packaging alone will reduce more than 5 tons of non-compostable plastic in the next year alone, with the ultimate goal of the packaging in all forms to be compostable by Earth Day 2022. Additional poly mailer packaging features include:

  • Double adhesive strip for reuse/returns
  • New handle for better holding during transport
  • Compostable information printed on bag, degradation over 3 months
  • Material made of PBAT+PLA+ corn starch, fully waterproof without any added coating

Additionally, future packaging for larger deliveries will use more sustainable materials, such as recycled cardboards. Our mission is to provide eco-friendly packaging that meets our customers’ aesthetic and reusability that will keep material usage at a minimum.

Stay tuned for more innovation updates and definitely let us know what you think about the new packaging.

And send those composting pics - you won’t!