Field Notes

Welcome to the Dropzone - Details & Instructions!

As RSVLTS continues to grow and evolve as a company across the board, innovation in many forms is obviously a critical aspect of growth for any business. So while we’re always thinking about exciting new designs, styles and partnerships, we’re also constantly thinking of interesting ways to reach and engage with both new customers and very importantly, our most faithful followers...likely you reading this post now.  

And trust us - we are listening to all the comments and suggestions that come through each day, and we do appreciate the constructive feedback. 

So while we’ll have even more news to share in the coming weeks about some additional innovation (ah-hem sustainability; stay tuned), today we’re extremely thrilled about the launch of RSVLTS Drops, a.k.a. The Dropzone.

TL;DR, you get it and just want the goods? Then jump down below to the details section, but don’t blame us if you miss any of the juiciness otherwise 🍑

For those that haven’t seen the newsletter or any social updates on the subject, starting today at 12 PM ET, and likely every Friday thereafter at the same time, the new RSVLTS Drops program is bringing you small-batch, rare RSVLTS items exclusively on the RSVLTS app

We’re talkin’ classic banger re-releases, limited and exclusive new items, and maybe - as good ol’ Frank the Tank would say - perhaps just maybe something really cool even we don’t even know about yet.

Therefore, every Friday henceforth, the Dropzone on the RSVLTS app is the place to snag these “white whale” items in limited quantities and sizes. And when they’re gone, they’re gone...there’s only so much heat anyone can handle at one time. 

So as today marks the beta launch, there could be some kinks to work out as such. That’s technology for you, which i’m sure you’ve all experienced a snafu from time to time, so just bear with us because we don’t take anything lightly or half-assed, and we strive to make this perfect. 

So to make this experience the best possible for you today, please follow these very simple and important steps:

1. Open the app RIGHT at 12 PM ET.

2. If you have the app open before the drop, close the app and re-open once it’s live to clear the caching.

3. For convenience, a push notification will send you directly to the Dropzone. 

4. Unsure if you have push notifications turned on? Delete the app, redownload and chose this option, then you’re golden! 

Wait! You don’t have the RSVLTS app? Well dang, what’s taking you so long...this is your chance to download, set your notifications, and make sure you never miss a white whale majestically swimming its way into your life. 

Get stoked...we look forward to seeing you today, and every other Friday, in the Dropzone.