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Providing you with super high-grade Americana

RSVLTS (ROSE-UH-VELTS) is an apparel brand born from a love of sports, pop culture, and above all, having a kickass time. Founded in Hoboken, New Jersey, by two Seton Hall alumni, we turned a crushing cease and desist from a major movie studio into an official clothing partnership. That one license was then spun into many to bring you the movies, shows, artists, and sports leagues you love on the high-quality products we obsess over.This is clothing for the bold and fun, for those who Dare Mighty Things.

Our namesake, Teddy Roosevelt, was more than our 26th president. He was an adventurer, amateur boxer, writer, and conservationist. He tried to squeeze every drop out of life that he could. And when he believed in something, he went for it. To say it plainly, he’s not on Mount Rushmore by accident.Can you think of someone better to name a brand after? Neither can we.

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