Field Notes

NWBA/Team USA Paralympic Basketball - Advancements in Tokyo

Paralympic basketball action is heating up overseas in Tokyo as the men’s and women’s NWBA/Team USA squads continue to charge forward on their missions to bring home gold for each respective team. 

The dedicated NBC Olympic News site is providing ongoing coverage while tournament play is moving rapidly along, with both the women’s and men’s teams having advanced to the semifinals (as of this publishing date 9/1). 

While the time zone differences can be a challenge for watching/following in real-time in the U.S., consistent basketball team news updates and clips can also be found via the NWBA Twitter handle and website at

Oh yeah, and as the season starts to turn back in the states to jacket weather, don’t sleep on these incredible performance beauts for the fall, with proceeds going to the NWBA, all which can be found at the NWBA collection page.  

Let’s go squads, you got this...U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!