Field Notes

RSVLTS Dare Mighty Things USA Crest Collection for NWBA - Lookbook & Athlete Introduction

As mentioned in the initial announcement and Field Notes post a few weeks back, we’re proud to introduce the collection and - more importantly - the man that more than five years ago reached out to RSVLTS on a whim to simply say hello...essentially the genesis as to how and why this incredible National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) collaboration could even be possible. 

Meet Nate Hinze, NWBA athlete and current Paralympian on the USA Men’s High Performance basketball team vying to repeat gold this Summer in Tokyo. 

Nate hails from the great state of Wisconsin and is currently an Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at Port Washington High School in WI. Nate took a few minutes out of his busy work and training schedule to answer some questions below about what’s going on this summer and beyond.

Also below, alas, check out a little sneak peek behind the Dare Mighty Things USA crest gear for this first NWBA capsule, which 100% of the proceeds are going directly back to the organization (denoted by the NWBA logo throughout the site and on products).

And more details to follow very shortly on how the funds raised will further impact current and future generations of wheelchair basketball athletes - and various NWBA programs across the nation - at all levels of play.  

So stay tuned for more announcements (including updates for a second Dare Mighty Things/NWBA capsule this summer!) and other introductions to other key NWBA players, movers and shakers. 

Over to you, Nate:

How did you first get involved with NWBA?

  • I first started playing wheelchair basketball in the NWBA at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and have been actively involved ever since!
What do you appreciate most about the NWBA?
  • The aspect I appreciate the most is that the organization was able to provide athletes like myself with an opportunity to compete in a sport that we love, even if it was in a different form and style than what we, or anyone really, might be used to seeing. The NWBA Provides athletes with disabilities all across the U.S., especially children, the opportunity to be active, and to see and interact with positive role models.
How did you first hear about RSVLTS? 
  • I was first introduced to RSVLTS by a college friend at Wisconsin. I saw him wearing one of the original USA interlocking hats, asked him where he got it and couldn't help but send a note to Steve and John saying how much I really enjoyed the gear and that my teammates were asking about it too. We've kept in touch ever since!
The RSVLTS fans need to know - do you have a favorite shirt?
  • You can’t go wrong with any of the Sandlot collection, any of those shirts. Who doesn’t love Squints?!
What’s next for Nate? 
  • Right now I'm hyper focused on training to make it to Tokyo to represent the USA, and after that I’m excited to focus my summers and time with my family.