Field Notes

RSVLTS Once Again Goin’ Bananas - Bill Leroy Savannah Bananas Kunuflex

It was the “walk up heard around the world” and RSVLTS is here for it in every possible way, especially since it’s coming by way of one of our favorite collaborators: The Savannah Bananas. 

As we’re certain many have seen by now, all the action took place this past weekend when current Bananas catcher, Bill Leroy, approached home plate for his at-bat and literally was his own hype man, channeling his best Bob Uecker for his walk-up intro. 

Because RSVLTS is also here for the people, we’re commemorating the experience with an incredibly bananas Kunuflex featuring Bill in all his home plate glory, once again with proceeds of the shirt sales going directly to the Savannah Bananas’ team/community. 

What’s cool about this as well, is it serendipitously aligns with the timing of the Banana’s own upcoming NIL initiative that also benefits its team/players

Win/Win. Legitimately, GAME ON! 

Click the following link to purchase/learn more about the pre-sale details: 

In other athlete-related NIL news: did you happen to hear about the RSVLTS U Athlete program? Currently an NCAA athlete or know a current NCAA athlete? Send 'em our way! 

In other-other very important athlete-related news: the second NWBA capsule collection launches on Tuesday 6/27 with some fantastic new products, also with proceeds directly benefiting the organization and players.