Field Notes

Bat Boys Baseball Hit World Baseball Classic (Presented by RSVLTS)

If you like baseball and have been on TikTok in the last year, you have almost certainly been served content from Liam and Eric, aka Bat Boys Baseball.

The two started creating TikTok content about two years ago and have built a ton of viral momentum. This has opened the door to conducting interviews in their unique style with massive baseball stars - legit all-stars and future hall of famers.

This winter, the Bat Boys Baseball took RSVLTS along for their journey to the Bahamas to cover the "Greatest Show on Sand," the Don't Blink home run derby. They met tons of professional players, including old friends like Triston McKenzie and first-time interviews like all-star Jazz Chisholm Jr.

To keep the good times rolling, we partnered up with Bat Boys Baseball again for a Spring Training trip to in Florida and Arizona of epic proportions.

Along the way, they'll be making World Baseball Classic content and helping us debut series two of Big League Chew x RSVLTS and series one of Baseball Hall of Fame x RSVLTS.

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Bat Boys Baseball World Baseball Classic Schedule:


March 9        Team Israel vs Washington Nationals 
March 10      Miami Marlins vs Washington Nationals
March 11      Puerto Rico vs Nicaragua (World Baseball Classic)
March 11      Dominican vs Venezuela (World Baseball Classic)


March 13      Spring Training TBD
March 14      World Baseball Classic & Spring Training TBD
March 15      World Baseball Classic & Spring Training TBD
March 16      World Baseball Classic & Spring Training TBD
March 17      World Baseball Classic & Spring Training TBD
March 18      World Baseball Classic Final & Big League Chew Series 2 Drop


@batboysbaseball 2022… What a year 🤯 If there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that consistency is EVERYTHING 💯 Last December we’d been making random baseball videos for over 2 years and weren’t sure if it was worth continuing… The @SOMD Blue Crabs and @salemredsox both reached out to us about working with them on social media content in 2022 and we were beyond excited. Once our semesters at school ended we took full advantage of these opportunities and tried and failed many times to discover what kind of videos worked best for us. Developing our style of fun on-field interviews through trial and error opened the door for working with MLB teams as our own media outlet ⚾️🥳 We interviewed over 220 different MLB players this season at 4 different stadiums during the 2022 regular season😎After the season we filmed our first College Baseball content with @rkimball02 and had the pleasure of attending the @dbhrderby in the Bahamas in December 💯 What do you want to see next from us? 👀 Spring training? World Baseball Classic? All Star Game? World Series? Other sports? The possibilities are endless and we’re gonna keep grinding to bring you the dopest videos possible for years to come 😈#mystory #2022 #media #sports ♬ goodbye 2022 - jovynn