Field Notes

Celebrate July 4 with RSVLTS 17.76% Spectacular All Weekend

Like we’ve done in similar fashion previously, the headline says it all - starting now and through Monday (July 4) evening, sitewide, give yourself a nice little patriotic 17.76% off your total purchases ALL WEEKEND LONG

Full rules are listed throughout site/app, in social and in the below banner - just use the following code at checkout to redeem the discount: 4THOFJULY2022

Like an extended grand finale of fireworks, the entire month of July is going to be chock full of some incredible, MASSSSSIVE collaboration and collection drops, so buckle up and stay tuned for more details.

Now crack open a cold one, kickstart this fantastic weekend, be safe, merry and celebratory. And for crying out loud, stay cool, wait 30 mins after eating before jumping in the pool, and don’t let those ice cream cones melt too quickly!