Field Notes

Did We Just Become Best Friends?!


The greatest of of all hallmark calendar occasions - National Best Friends Day - recently took place on June 8th...and to celebrate the holiday we had big plans to rerelease the all-time RSVLTS classic: "Step Brothers" Road To Catalina.

But just before the day, word on the street was that Insider extraordinaire, Jarrod Anderson, had a very special new tattoo in the works, so we decided to switch up those plans in honor of the fortuitous artwork!

Quick background for those that don't know Jarrod - he's absolutely the man, and he recently gifted us an awesome hand drawn chair for RSVLTS HQ that features some RSVLTS art and some of his own original ink (produced with the artistic help of Doug Halliday) that he has gotten over the years. 

As for his latest tattoo, aptly named "The Joyce Brothers," which features RSVLTS' own Chris and Scott Joyce, who many Insiders have met at meet-ups over the last few years.

You can see it in the collage below...

Above photo clockwise starting on the left: That time Jarrod and I met at Amendolaro in Scranton during our Road To Catalina scavenger hunt; his latest tattoo"Joyce Bothers," completed last night that is the catalyst for this drop; Teddy Riding Things; Hoboken Pete's'; John T. in the form of Ric Flair; one of his first RSVLTS tattoos inspired by Teddy Rough Rider; yours truly knocking out an Alien inspired by Will Smith's Welcome to Earth scene in Independence Day.

The new tattoo came out great so what better time to drop the RTC re-stock than today alongside its debut!