Field Notes

Earth Day, RSVLTS Compostable Shipping Bags and Captain Planet Restock

Greetings, Earthlings! On this most special day, a celebration of Mother Earth, we want to take a moment to refresh all the beautiful minds about the initiative RSVLTS launched exactly a year ago regarding our fully compostable, eco-friendly shipping bags.

Have you tried it yet? If not, here’s the (literal) breakdown, which takes less than a minute…depending on how quickly you move through steps 1 and 2:

  1. Pop the tags and throw on that fresh gear that just arrived within your compostable RSVLTS mailer
  2. Now that you’ve adequately checked your new lewks in the mirror, lightly peel off that shipping label that’s on the front of the mailer – it should come off pretty easily – and go ahead and discard that beast
  3. Lastly, take that empty, naked mailer bag and drop it into your home or neighbor's compost pile (or recycle center) and let mother nature do the rest

Also as part of that initiative was the removal of the plastic clips that previously held together the shirts in the product bags, which has resulted in the reduction of more than five tons of non-compostable plastic than the previous year.

Yup, that’s pretty much the equivalent of 3 Prius' stacked or an adult elephant roaming around the Serengeti. Wild. 

Ultimately, we’re committed to be being as environmentally conscious as possible when it comes to our packaging, because every bit helps across the board, and we’re still working towards the goal of zero waste options. 

Further speaking of sustainability, take the branded plastic bags the apparel itself comes within (inside the mailer bag). While we’re still considering solutions for this very important part of your delivery to keep those shirts folded and tidy, in the meantime we always recommend everyone to save and reuse those zipper bags, and in whatever creative ways possible.

For example, around HQ we often nicely refold our favorite shirts and place them back into the bags as a streamlined space-saver for travel, and we’ve heard/seen everything from using them to pack sunscreen, toiletries, jewelry, makeup and other such items. Heck, in a pinch you can even fill them with ice to mimic a cooler and a throw in a few tasty beverages to bring along to the beach (just as long as you clean up alllll items after yourselves, naturally).

Oh yeah, and last but not least, back by popular demand is a restock of the Captain Planet and the Planeteers x RSVLTS shirt (dropping at Noon EST), this time in KUNUFLEX and in limited quantities. 

So snag one now before they all fly away, you wonderful young Planeteer, you!