Field Notes

Grab Your Yellow Raincoat - The "IT" x RSVLTS Collection Has Arrived

Wait...has it already been 27 years? Yup, it's time to take a trip back to Derry with the debut of the Warner Bros. “It” x RSVLTS Collection

The three shirt KUNUFLEX™ button down release - “You’ll Float Too”, “Georgie, Meet Pennywise” and “Pennywise, The Dancing Clown” - features major characters and iconography, and of course a few twisted easter eggs, from the various “It” series’ over the years. From bad ol’ Pennywise™ and his infamous red balloons, to good ol’ Georgie and his signature raincoat and paper boat, this collection will send you adrift right back to the sewers. 

So get ready for an epic journey down to the depths of your imagination, because one look at this collection will make you crack a smile that would give even the most otherworldly clown the chills! 

RSVLTS Spooky Season has officially arrived, so kick it off with style now - lookbook below!