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Harness the Rise of Keith Biscuit Jr.


HOBOKEN, New Jersey - February 19, 2023 - The world better get their aprons and oven gloves ready, because the second rising of Keith Biscuit Jr. is upon us all - and this time around he’s nearly too hot to handle. 

In celebration of the 65th running of The Great American Race - The Daytona 500 - RSVLTS is honored to announce the signing of Keith Biscuit Jr. to the RSVLTS Racing Team. As racing fans are accustomed, it’s time to CRANK IT UP as news of this monumental occasion will surely reverberate far and wide throughout the racing world and beyond. 

RSVLTS is thrilled to commemorate the special moment with the creation of the officially unlicensed Keith Biscuit Jr. apparel collection, featuring a classic t-shirt and traditional hoodie. Both items are available for purchase now at the Keith Biscuit Jr. Racing Center on and on the RSVLTS app. 

“First and foremost, I got to give it up to my #26 Ted Light car and pit crew, because even though we haven’t ripped a race together yet, I know it’s going to be special once we do,” said RSVLTS Racing driver, Keith Biscuit Jr. “Beyond that, this whole journey has been a dream come true and I couldn’t be more over the moon to be working with such a fantastic team in the RSVLTS racing squad. I can’t wait to hit the track and drop the hammer, RSVLTS & KBJ, it’s gravy, baby!”

However, it hasn’t always been checkered flags, brick kisses, and champagne showers, so before we rev your engines much further about Keith’s meteoric resurgence, let’s downshift gears a bit to learn a little more about the man, the myth, the absolute legend that is KBJ. 

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All Roads Lead to Pillsbury 

Keith Winston Biscuit Jr. was born 8-pounds 6-ounces in the mid-80s in Pillsbury, North Dakota, to Keith Biscuit Sr. and Darlene Jean Biscuit.

Keith’s great, great grandfather, George Biscuit, is believed to have achieved flight two months earlier than the Wright brothers when his Model A hit record speeds during a hurricane. George also broke the land-speed record at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats a year later under similar weather conditions.

As for Keith, he was conceived in the backseat of a 1969 Chevy Camaro SS during a drive-in showing of Smokey & The Bandit and was later born in the infield during the Indianapolis 500.

Like most great race car drivers, Keith also was raised in the South. Well, South Dakota specifically, and for only a legendary two years while his father was on assignment with Roadway Express Inc. trucking. At 4-years-old, little KBJ souped-up his Big Wheel with a lawnmower engine and made it as far as Mount Rushmore before authorities finally caught him, allegedly by following the smoke from his burnout at the visitor center parking lot. 

Shortly thereafter, Keith Biscuit Sr. moved his family back to Pillsbury, ND to take over the family automotive parts business and fully plant roots for generations to come like so many Biscuits before.  

The Beast from Bismarck

At age 14, Biscuit Jr. broke his bread in the world of fast cars and wild left turns, first by bootleggin’ hooch across the Dakota borders for his brother, Clint, and father, Biscuit Sr., in order to raise additional money for the fledgling Biscuit Bros™️ auto parts store. 

At age 17, he successfully drove his hot rod across the Cheyenne River on dare, but was once again caught by the authorities during a celebratory burnout… this time with a trunk full of hooch. 

After a brief stint in the Barnes County clink, Keith was bailed out by local legend turned crew chief, Hank “Heater” Jackson, who read about Keith’s capers in the local newspaper and was in the process of forming his own race team. Hank helped move KBJ to the nearby capital city, Bismarck, to be closer to his team and local speedway. From there, “The Beast of Bismarck” was born, a nickname that would follow him for years to come and as he was well known by during his early dirt track days at Dacatoh Speedway. 

Switching from dirt to asphalt, KBJ went on to become a local and regional racing powerhouse, which caught the eye of famed crew chief, Walt Waltrip. Months later, Walt challenged “Heater” to a race, on the line being crew chief rights, terms that Keith thrillingly accepted. Taking the checkered flag by a mere car-length, Walt emerged as the victor to bring KBJ under his hood, setting him up for what would become the drive of his life. 

The Epic Fall and Glorious Rise of KBJ

Together, KBJ and Walt went on to win countless races and titles at every racing series level, including receiving multiple lucrative car and lifestyle sponsorships, spanning everything from big diesel to automotive parts & services to designer eyewear, outerwear & headbands. 

However, the glory all came crashing down after KBJ suffered a potentially career threatening injury when he hit another car while throttling through a smoke-filled pile-up at Darlington Speedway. 

Keith went through vigorous rehabilitation to get back to peak form and has since once again been winning races at all circuit levels (3x Lightning and 4x Star Cup Circuit Champion, to name a few), has sponsored nationwide drivers-ed high school programs, including the creation of various Biscuit Boys & Girls foundations and charities, which currently has him once again speeding back into the hearts, souls and tailgate flags of all race fans. 


Through the thick and the thin, RSVLTS recognizes and appreciates the past, present and future perseverance of KBJ, and couldn’t be more thrilled for him to join its inaugural RSVLTS Racing team at this time, which features the debut of his bespoke merchandise. 

Both officially unlicensed KBJ apparel items are available for purchase now at the official Keith Biscuit Jr. Racing Center on and on the RSVLTS app. As Keith would say: "it's gravy, baby!"


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