Field Notes

Introducing...RSVLTS Performance Hoodies

The definition of paradigm shift: achieved! 

In addition to a plethora of other cold weather apparel currently available, we’re thrilled to introduce a new hooded format that will offer another sartorial weapon to your closet arsenal - the RSVLTS Performance Hoodie. 

Extremely soft, warm and lightweight, the Performance Hoodies are the intersection of athletic & leisure without having to verbally say the abbreviated version of that term together during brunch…because there’s a new sheriff in town with this gear. Perfect for any long-sleeved weather occasion, the hoodies feature the debut of RSVLTS ShredFlex™ material - breathable, comfortable four-way stretch fabric - which makes them ideal for any outdoor sports activities, getting loose before a workout indoors, finding the fire pit at a tailgate, a long distance flight to visit your cousin's cabin in Bangor, Maine or for simply lounging around the house on the weekends. 

RSVLTS Performance Hoodies are available in six different designs/patterns: “Aztec Pastel," “Glacial Punch," “Hubble,” “Midnight Arctic Blitz,” “Mystic Mountain Blueberry,” and “Prairie Blast Extreme.” Each pullover hoodie is streamlined with no front pocket (because, well…performance) and includes a hood (obviously) branded with a small RSVLTS Teddy-face logo. 

See below for a sizing guide - let us know what you think about them and don’t forget to tag us in social within all your amazing performance-fueled content!