Field Notes

Introducing New RSVLTS ShredFlex™ Base Layers

We all know lookin' good both on and around the mountain are equally important factors when it comes to the snow sports fashion-flex. So call that all-important lifestyle whatever you want - apres life, lodge life, thee leejjjz life, etc. - RSVLTS is here to offer a brand new format that will truly elevate your slope style with the introduction of its new ShredFlex™ Base Layers

Featuring some fan-favorite designs (I mean…nothing warms you up quite like the dual suns of Tatooine™, amirite?!), our brand-new stretchy, breathable ShredFlex™ Base Layer long sleeve tees are the perfect winter gear regardless if you're ripping tracks down that gnarly back-bowl pow, buying a round of beverages for a group of mates during Australia Day in Whistler (absolutely do this, based on experience) or sipping sweet cocoa after a humbling day on the bunny hill. 

Heck, you can even full send it on a snowmobile like the most stylish boss ever with this ShredFlex™ base layer gear. 

Extremely soft, warm and lightweight, the base layers fully transcend life off the slopes as well, perfect for any long-sleeved weather occasions with its breathable, four-way stretch ShredFlex™ material, which was first introduced by way of RSVLTS Performance Hoodies

The following six base layer designs are available for this initial drop, with all the dreams for more new and classic hits to follow: 

  • RSVLTS “Hubble”
  • RSVLTS “Wild America”
  • RSVLTS “Miami”
  • Star Wars™ “Rising Suns”
  • Trapper Keeper™ “Dingus”
  • Goonies™ “Truffle Shuffle”

See below for a brief preview of the gear and click here for base layer and/or all sizing charts for reference!