Field Notes

Welcome to "Jingle All The Way" Week!



For years, Jingle All The Way has been on our radar. And seemingly not just on ours either, it's absolutely been on YOURS too based on all the awesome hype we've been seeing online. To date, it's one of our most requested licenses of all-time. And now, the wait is finally over.

So we're beyond thrilled to announce that the Jingle All The Way x RSVLTS collab is officially here!

Beginning Tuesday 11/23, as you've seen on the Black Friday calendar, we currently have some Jingle goodies planned to drop here and there throughout the week, which includes a special retail exclusive colorway to debut at some Shop Local stores (a few locations) later this week, with perhaps another surprise or two still in the hopper.

One important thing to note:

Unfortunately, with ongoing global supply chain issues and the backlog of boats at the southern California ports, there's a variation of Turbo Man currently stuck at bay in the Pacific Ocean in some container ship. If you live in SoCal, once again please give him a wave from us all.

So, wait...does that mean Jingle All The Way Week is still happening? 

Damn right. While the exclusive Turbo Man colorway will be available at select Shop Local retail stores later this week (stay tuned for updates), the online version/colorway will be delayed for the reasons previously mentioned. Therefore, there will be a pre-sale for this item on and the RSVLTS App on Tuesday 11/23, with those shirts set to ship out late December/early January.

So, why pre-sale a holiday item that likely won't be in your mailbox until after the holiday? Well, the show must go on, because we won't be producing any more Jingle All The Way items in 2022, so it's kinda now or never. We figure that you'd prefer to add this incredible shirt to your collection a little late, and for all the futures to come, rather than risking its arrival altogether.

Not to sound like a broken record or a malfunctioning Booster doll, but we really do, sincerely, appreciate your patience during this crazy shipping situation. We're doing our best to iron out all the logistical issues, but some of them are just out of our control, this unfortunately being a perfect example.

That being said, Happy Jingle All The Way Week! Keep an eye out for more info and teasers on our social channels, all week long.