Field Notes

Bring the Summer Sizzle with the RSVLTS Summer 2024 Collection

Summer's off to a sizzling start and we intend to keep the heatwave alive and kicking as we unveil the RSVLTS Summer 2024 Collection. Grab your new beach chair, your favorite tube of SPF 30, prep the Pro Kadima paddles and get ready to welcome some fresh options into that ever-growing wardrobe of yours! 

Get ready to be the talk of the tropics with some hot new threads such as - "Petal to the Meadow," "Neon Palmies," "Ca-py-baaraah," “Robins and Roses,” “Tropical Shade”, “Black Hole Sunflower” and “Tapa the World” - all perfect options to help you add a bit more pep into your summer step.

All designs are on KUNUFLEX™ material and are available across classic and women's styles/sizing, with select designs available in hybrid shorts!

Every summer has a story, start this chapter off right and shake up your ensemble with one or several of these amazing designs!

The full collection releases later today at 4:00 pm ET on