Field Notes

RSVLTS x National Parks Series 1 Starring Ricky McCann - Lookbook

Ahhhh, yes...the Big 3 (as they call 'em in the biz*). 

And no, not the 2000s Boston Celtics or early 2010s Miami Heat "Big 3" either, mind you, we’re talking about wildlife*, baby!

In particular, this launch is focused on some of the biggest and most beautiful of all the historic U.S. National Parks, a few of the very same places that Teddy Roosevelt himself helped establish as cultural landmarks through his steadfast conservationist efforts: Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. 

This first RSVLTS x National Park Collection features three distinct Kunu button-downs that embody the key landscapes and wildlife that best represent some of those most popular and famous U.S. National Parks. 

And as a massive bonus, we got the outdoors legend himself, Ricky McCann, a favorite among the RSVLTS Insiders group, to star in the lookbook for the collection debut.

We sent the below shirts up to his neck of the woods and he took them out on a rustic photoshoot and scenic stroll deep into the mountains that totally fits the vibe of the collection designs. 

Over to you, Ricky!