Field Notes

Upgrade Alert! Our 2023 BorlandFlex Flannels are a Game Changer

Tis the fall/winter season, which means it’s officially flannel weather for pretty much everyone across the U.S.

Quick history: RSVLTS first introduced our BorlandFlex™ flannels back in 2021, and if one hasn’t yet read "11 GIFs That Perfectly Explain the Majesty That is BorlandFlex™", well… you’re missing out. It was a masterpiece.

For everyone who has been following the overall RSVLTS journey over the past few years also knows our products are never truly complete. We are always striving to improve our merchandise, which this continuous enhancement is very similar to the video game design process. Designers release the latest product into the market, and over time, with rounds of feedback and careful review, later introduce "patches" that improve the product following the initial release.

This is the approach we have taken with our BorlandFlex™ flannels over the last three years, and we're proud to say that the new and improved BorlandFlex™ could be our best technically designed product yet. Are we becoming an actual clothing brand? It's starting to feel that way!

Therefore, this initial 2023 RSVLTS BorlandFlex™ Flannel Collection includes four brand new patterns in the same great BorlandFlex™ material as before (soft, flexible, warm & durable), as well as a new reversible bomber jacket will be available in a gorgeous seasonal colorway. 

Most importantly, related to this BorlandFlex™ collection, is we made a few key technical adjustments to the flannels themselves to improve the fit, specifically in the shoulder area. We heard your customer feedback, so we immediately went back into the lab and put that info into action. 

In particular, the following are a few highlights and adjustments made: 

  • First off, the fabric remains the same. It offers the perfect amount of stretch, it's incredibly cozy and durable, and it maintains its quality and fit no matter how many times it is washed.
  • We believe that last year's version fit very well, however the shoulder needed a few improvements. So we changed the inside yoke to a softer, thinner chambray fabric, which will help with less bunching. Additionally, we tweaked the points where all three parts of the shoulder meet, which will allow it to fall better along the shoulder lines.

We talked to John about the hard work the technical design team has put into the gear, and he had this to say: "We think these have been consistently the best flannels on the market, but everything can be improved. We made some adjustments—small tweaks, but big improvements—that make this the best product we've ever launched."

Overall, we put a lot of time and effort into the adjustments, and we’re extremely proud of this revised BorlandFlex™ product. All things considered, we truly feel it’s one of the best flannels in the market, and we took these new flannels up to the Catskills for a photoshoot, which was a lot of fun. We really hope you enjoy the product and the creativity that we have introduced to the world with the new BorlandFlex™.

Last, but not least: also available today with this launch is a reversible bomber jacket (solid charcoal gray on one side; solid creme w/ gray sleeves on the flip) that can be worn from the closet to the coffeeshop, to the cabin to the campfire. 

And if you’ve been sleeping on a RSVLTS bomber in general…well, it’s time to WAKE UP and join the party. There are multiple variations offered, both RSVLTS and licensed as well, including Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Big League Chew, ready to rock for any event, occasion or function. 

Stay tuned for more at launch, 4pm EST - enjoy, happy fall/winter, let’s do this!