Field Notes

OcToby Begins at Midnight, Unfortunately...

OcToby is a fake holiday we made up in honor of Toby Flenderson, the buzzkill human resources rep from The Office. It started as a joke at RSVLTS HQ and we ended up running with it. The idea of an entire month dedicated to celebrating a guy known for being such a downer, especially to Michael, was hilarious to us. What does OcToby even entail? Does he go around like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, instead telling kids what they’re not allowed to do? Is it just Toby sitting alone at his dimly lit desk slothily eating a stale piece of cake with a crooked party hat on? The possibilities are endless.

To commemorate the beginning of the first-ever OcToby, we’re releasing a special KUNUFLEX™ button down covered in a milquetoast mosaic of Tobys. It goes live at midnight ET on September 30th. We actually love Toby, but we love the way Michael hates him even more, so we’re affectionately billing it as “the shirt no one's been waiting for.”