Field Notes

Paging Mr. Morrow is Coming With Us to SDCC!

Hey Friends! It’s official and we couldn’t be more excited to announce our man with the master plan down in Orlando - Nate, aka Paging Mr. Morrow - is going to be joining RSVLTS at San Diego Comic Con all four days! 

Mr. Morrow is one of the preeminent content creators in the game, his YouTube channel an absolute goldmine of a resource, not to mention how entertaining and captivating Nate is as a creator on screen…and even more so in person! We’re stoked to bring his blend of deep industry knowledge and incredible personality to SDCC as a RSVLTS rep, AND he’ll be wearing our exclusive each day as a roving reporter throughout the Con. 

Recently in discussing some SDCC details, Mr. Morrow said: 

Guys, I’m over the moon excited to be going to SDCC with you all! As a fan of all things film, entertainment, pop culture, especially Star Wars, Disney and Marvel, I’ve always wanted to go to the biggest Con of them all, and it’s even better that I’m gonna be hanging out with the RSVLTS crew for a few days too!”

For those that aren’t as familiar - we first started interacting with Mr. Morrow nearly two years ago when a few people started tagging us in his content, calling to our attention he’s wearing some of our Disney/Pixar gear in his amazing YouTube videos and Instagram posts. We started a conversation with him and everything blossomed from that moment, our two brands and visions couldn’t be more aligned. 

If anyone doesn’t already follow him, definitely go subscribe to his online and social channels now to get the latest and greatest scoop on SDCC, all the Theme Parks, food reviews and beyond: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.