Field Notes

Rocky x RSVLTS Series II Collection

We absolutely, truly love this drop and franchise. Why? Because in every sense of its many chapters and volumes, things in general kinda, sorta do not get much more American and entertaining than Rocky

In particular, this drop is focused on Rocky IV, which is arguably one of the greatest if not thee best of the entire series. Chock full of arresting visuals and flashbacks, a ridiculously killer soundtrack (ah-hem...The Godfather of Soul, James Brown?!), eternal one-liners (s/o Drago), an incredible training montage sequence in friggin’ Siberia, selfless acts of patriotism to spend Christmas in Moscow (for Apollo...and bridging international relations), and pretty much the epitome of the 80s fashion and technological breakthroughs throughout (s/o Sico the Robot, SOVIET COMPUTERS!). 😅😅😅

Anyhow, we could go on and on about the movie itself, but back to this collection. It was hard to narrow down to just a few items for this drop, so we did the best we could to represent - take a ganders below. 

And if you haven’t watched this specific movie in a while, do yourself a favor and grab an ice cold sixer of Strohs (s/o Paulie), take a refreshing dip in the pool (s/o Apollo, R.I.P.), crank up "Living In America" on repeat, put the robot butler to bed, and stream it this upcoming weekend to celebrate all the glory that is Rocky IV.