Field Notes

RSVLTS 2024 Seersucker Collection - New Looks & Improved Feels!

You’ll be stylin' for shore, because it's all about warm weather and the creature comforts - and we do mean COMFORT - when it comes to the new 2024 RSVLTS Seersucker Collection!

It might only be April, and all that jazz about its showers, but as far as we're concerned summer starts the second you button-up these easy breezy pinstripe patterns - "Sailfish," "The Deep," “Crabs,” “Mingos,” “Sea Dogs” and “Sea Turtles” - featuring, well, crabs, flamingos, legends of the deep, some very special nautical pups, and more.

Oh, and an important note back to the comfort aspect! In the name of innovation, this newest collection features a revamped fabric from the previous items, which means a bit more softness than before, while absolutely still providing the same incredible stretch and traditional seersucker look. 

Magic? Nahhhh, just pure innovation! 

So while the previous seersucker fabric was by all means already super comfy, the only thing greater than “soft” is, well, “softer”, so we made it happen to provide a bit more of an improvement to the feel without changing any other aspects! 

Oh, Ohh...and there are also matching tuxedo hybrid shorts for each design too, so we hope you haven't been skipping leg day!