Field Notes

RSVLTS App: Beta Test

Lets talk about the app because we need to clear up some issues

There was recently a big hullabaloo about the upcoming RSVLTS app on Insiders and I'd like to clear it up. We're currently beta testing, which means we're giving rolling access to people (at random) to test the latest version of the app and hopefully help us identify glitches & bugs and give us direction on what they love, hate, and want more of.

We understand that this is exciting and everyone wants access immediately but we have to take it a step at a time. It's super important that we do this in waves, giving a few dozen people access at at time. It's the best way to take feedback, make the appropriate changes, and then test the new (better) version with a fresh group of folks. I'm hoping that this is going to be a 6-8 week process and that the app will be ready in time for 2020.

For now, we really appreciate your patience. If you signed up to beta test, you'll eventually get access and when you do, we hope you give us your best constructive feedback. Thanks everyone.

Excited to see where this goes! - Steve