Field Notes

Upcoming Inductions Into the RSVLTS Hall of Fame

The Hall has called. 

This is your last chance to get your hands on some all-time classic RSVLTS collabs before the sun sets on their legendary careers and they make their way up into the rafters to be proudly immortalized into the RSVLTS Hall of Fame.

We’ll never say “never again," because only time will tell based on our partnerships. But, for the time being, we must say goodbye to many of the movies, shows and other properties that made RSVLTS who we are.

Starting April 1, 2022, RSVLTS will no longer be selling products from: Ace Ventura, Bob Ross, Home Alone, Always Sunny, Jingle All The Way, Napoleon Dynamite, Rocky, Step Brothers, The Sandlot, Van Gogh or What We Do in the Shadows.

It’s been a hell of a ride. A part of working with our great studio and licensing partners is that there will always come a time when we’ll need to put some collabs on the trophy mantel in the HoF to let an exciting new wave of products shine through. It's the circle of life.

All said, the news does come with some heaviness on our end, considering there’s some absolute bangers on that list, many of which were tied to RSVLTS humble beginnings... The Sandlot and Bob Ross to name a few. 

But hey, that’s showbiz, baby. We’re thrilled for our future collabs on the horizon, so we’re going to send these HoF'ers off into the afterlife with clear eyes, full hearts, and heads high. 

Now is the time to add any/all items to your closets while they're still available!