Field Notes

RSVLTS Baseball Bucket List 10 Years Later

What would you put on your ultimate baseball bucket list? On June 23, 2012 John and I set off on a cross country journey to answer that very question and complete the RSVLTS Baseball Bucket List.

This list, submitted by Reddit users, our family, friends, and activities that John and I always wanted to do, included everything ranging from taking a dip in the Miami Marlins Park swimming pool to eating a Dodger Dog to kayaking for home run ball in AT&T Park’s (now Oracle Park) McCovey Cove.

There is so much more to baseball than just the game itself. It is the traditions, history, culture and lifestyle that make baseball America’s game. That month was a baseball adventure of epic proportions and it also marked the start of RSVLTS as we know it.

One day it would be great to re-visit the list and complete some new bucket list items with RSVLTS Insiders. Imagine a meet-up in McCovey Cove on kayaks? Or doing cannon balls in the Frisco RoughRiders' Lazy River. Or having a BBQ on the Wrigley Rooftops? 

For now enjoy some throwback YouTube videos our friend Anthony shot throughout the trip...