Field Notes

RSVLTS “Blast From The Past” Collection - Preview

::BzzZZzzzZZZ. BzzzzZZZzzzzZZZZ:: 

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a brief “Blast From The Past” announcement. Attention, attention…this is Philip K.G. Wells, from WMJS FM News, reporting live from New York, New York. 

We just received an emergency transmission from London: there is currently an invasion taking place that’s sweeping west across Europe. Just a few hours ago, robots from outer space landed in Tokyo and are taking control of major cities across the globe. 

I repeat…there is an invasion happening at this very moment, a robot invasion of “Atomic Automatons” has taken control of major cities throughout Europe and is moving west. We have reports that Tokyo, Moscow and Berlin have already fallen under robot control, with Rome and Paris currently under radioactive fire. 

The time has come for all Americans to seek refuge, dust off your “Rayguns” and consult your government issued automation attack manuals for further protocols, guidelines and visuals (see images below). 

I repeat, the world is under attack and it’s time for us all to prepare for a U.S. invasion, which is imminent, likely only hours away. We urge you to please keep your “HiFi” transistor dials tuned to WMJS FM for more updates. 

Once again, this is Philip K.G. Wells from WMJS FM News…I thank you, and wish you all luck. Together, we will not let America fall under siege. 

::BzzZZzzzZZZ. BzzzzZZZzzzzZZZZ::