Field Notes

RSVLTS Booster Pack are BACK!

You read that correctly...and we're sure you could also hear Dickie V yelling it all the same, RSVLTS Booster Packs are back, baby!

That said, if you are reading and scratching your head wondering what the heck is a Booster Pack, here are the quick and clean details:

A RSVLTS Booster Pack is a random selection of hand picked & packed shirts that come directly from RSVLTS HQ in Hoboken, NJ. We truly do mean random too...bins were allocated based on size, gear (shirts and beyond) were dropped into the bins, we randomly selected at least three items, dropped said merch into a fresh package and sealed the beast.

Labels have not yet been printed - that's where you all come into the mix! 

Each RSVLTS Booster Pack has a minimum of three shirts, with the possibility of more items. These packs are chock full of goodies: from retired shirts to brand new gear to "whales" and everything else in between.

Additional Booster Pack details:

  • Only limited quantities are available, so don't snooze on ya size!
  • These are Final Sale, so no returns, no exchanges, and no swaps from HQ of any kind. Ya get what ya get, so don't ya get upset!

So if you always dreamed of hanging out at RSVLTS HQ, diving into a pile of old, new and super-rare shirts just like Scrooge McDuck into a sea of gold coins, and we've kept your attention this long, head on over to the following page and snag one of these beasts before they're all gone: BOOSTER PACKS