Field Notes

RSVLTS BorlandFlex Flannels Return - Totally Plaid to the Bone

The time is once again upon us all to grow out that beard, sharpen the ol’ hatchet, build a brush pile in the backyard, and perhaps carve something out of wood on the back porch (when it’s all said and done), because this year's RSVLTS BorlandFlex™ flannel collection has arrived!

Ahh, flannel... the official fabric of those sitting around a fire, cracking a few beers, sippin’ whiskey and cider, roasting s’mores and recanting old sports stories and/or that time you nearly caught that damned sasquatch. After all, that’s the oath you take when you button up this strong yet stretchy, incredibly plaid-tastic fabric. That, and to audibly groan when you sit down, because that old knee starts acting up once the temp drops below 57 degrees. Probably from that hit you took on that final drive during State (totally worth it, BTW). 

Alas, relive your glory days and make some new ones with the following six new BorlandFlex™ flannels on your back, which include:

  • "Flanning Tatum" - the perfect shirt to rip off at the beginning of your striptease; “Pony” not included
  • “Plaidzz Michael Michaels” - includes enough stretch to pull off the iconic “Iron Lotus”
  • "Flaniel Plaidcliffe" - perfectly fitting alongside a lightning bolt forehead scar
  • “Flanny Tanner” - for those moments when imparting life lessons to your children while soft instrumentals slowly build to an emotional climax
  • “Barry Flanilow” - naturally, you want to look good for Mandy
  • “The Bodhi” - fantastically pairs with a Reagan mask, IYKYK

See below for a lookbook of the all new collection, and check out even more RSVLTS flannels at the BorlandFlex collection page, which includes a sizing guide on each product page as well. 

See you out there, pals!