Field Notes

RSVLTS “Cold Medalist” Winter Collection - Lookbook

Well well well…with a blink of an eye, we’re allll back to that winter edition of that every four-year sporting occasion that most countries globally will participate in with the hopes to achieve some heavy metal/medal glory. 

Crazy how time flies considering this past year featured the summer version, but RSVLTS is all for any occasion to cheer on good ol’ America of course, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce a limited two-Kunu collection that features two of our favorite events for these wintery events: bobsled (“It’s All Downhill From Here”) & curling (“Eat, Drink, Sweep, Repeat”). 

And of course they’re long-sleeved, because baby it’s cold outside - even in the south - so if anyone is going to be indoors no matter where you reside, just roll those sleeves up, mate (google “Italian Cuff Roll” to see a stylish variation that both looks and feels fantastic). 

Back to the games, USA has some pretty incredible athletes competing across the snow and ice in Beijing, so let’s go U-S-A…show and tag us in all your RSVLTS gear if you’re having any viewing parties too. 

Lookbook below - broom shown is highly effective, though not regulation (in case you were pondering)!