Field Notes

RSVLTS Halloween Collection - It's Alive, Spooky Season is ALIVE!

First it started with Disney’s “Haunted Mansion”, “Scooby-Doo” and “It”, but now, alas, RSVLTS latest bespoke Halloween Collection has arrived in all its creepiest and scariest fash-shun. 

Oh yeah, not to mention we’re now going into week 3 of app-only Spooky Season Dropzone items, so if you didn’t know, now you do…so download the app and dive right into all the action & suspense this upcoming Friday! 

Back to today’s main event, the three-shirt RSVLTS Halloween Collection - "Fluorescent Fangs," "Evil Eats" and "Creepy Crawlers" - features role-reversing zombified foods, tasty lil creepy-crawley things, and some UV-enlightened pointy teeth to sink into the jugular of this gear, all available in classic (unisex) & women’s styles. 

For an even more deliciously eerie breakdown behind the collection, click the following link to read more from our friends at

So keep your heads on (don’t go all Ichabod on us now) and all your smokey witch potions in-check, and stay tuned for even more Spooky Season/Halloween gear to surface between now and throughout October. The stakes are sharpened, the torches have been lit…let the design-hunt begin.