Field Notes

RSVLTS Launches Major Digital & Streaming TV Video Campaign

Never before has the excited words of Lloyd Christmas rang so true: “We’re really doing it, aren’t we buddy!” 

In what marks the debut of other branded video campaigns to follow, RSVLTS is thrilled to announce the release of its first series of masterbrand :30 and :15 digital & streaming TV spots for both the RSVLTS & Breakfast Balls brands. 

Having grown steadily for more than 10 years, RSVLTS wants to broaden its awareness through video and in a way that showcases a central lifestyle narrative, as well as to specifically highlight the strong sense of community that has also grown alongside the brand. All campaign videos have already started to surface across digital and streaming TV platforms. 

“People see our shirts in the streets, at theme parks, at baseball stadiums and beyond, and the gear is a conversation starter that has led to a very engaged community of RSVLTS fans globally that share the same interests and fandoms,” said Stephen Gebhardt, co-founder of RSVLTS. “This is our first time telling those brand stories through widespread digital and streaming video, and in many ways we’re just getting started, so consider this the first step toward RSVLTS showing up one day in the biggest football game of them all.”

The hero spot “Dare Mighty Things” has been RSVLTS slogan from the company’s inception and showcases an everyday guy spotting others engaged in various fun activities around his community. Everyone is seemingly rocking RSVLTS signature boldly designed KUNUFLEX™ button-down shirts, which in all ways inspires him to simply show up with his own RSVLTS shirt and join the crew as he shares the same interests and zest for life.

The second spot “Have Another” for Breakfast Balls features two guys on a golf course, one of whom blasts an ill-fortuned shot from the tee, presumably his first of the morning, which prompts a subtle request for a “breakfast” ball do-over. While they’re taking the sport seriously, they’re also not taking everything too seriously at the same time, including themselves both sporting some flashy Breakfast Balls All-Day™ polos.

Lastly, to keep the summer vibes rolling, see below for the most recent :15 spot that went live this week, right in time for the July 4 holiday weekend. 

All brand campaign videos and other content can also be found on RSVLTS YouTube and across both social media channels @rsvlts on IG, @breakfastballs on IG and @rsvlts on TT.