Field Notes

RSVLTS & Mosh Eisley Join Forces - Las Vegas Debut & Beyond

RSVLTS is thrilled to announce an ongoing partnership and collaboration with one of the coolest dang parties that ever existed, one that we’ve been hoping to join forces with ever since we heard of its existence during our last Kessel Run: MOSH EISLEY

Thank The Maker, amirite? Well, actually, yes. Yes, we all can thank the maker, because Mosh is also hosted by one of the best gosh-darned podcast networks in all the galaxy as well, one of the same eponymous name: the Thank The Maker Network. 

Not just an extremely clever name, MOSH EISLEY is any dance-fueled emo/punk super-party created by the Thank The Maker Network (TTM, Princess & Scoundrel, Dan-O Channel and Armor Party), which also includes touring members from bands Story of the Year, Bayside, and Yellowcard, and was formed to share both their collective love of Star Wars and throw the most epic party this side of the Outer Rim. 

The DJ-led event includes a merch booth and fully stocked bar (our fingers are crossed for some spiked blue milk), where costumes are highly encouraged, lightsabers will be ceremoniously ignited, and the jams will get you singing along as part of a nostalgia-filled night dedicated to the (editor's note) greatest movie franchise of all-time.

Tix are only $25 and can be purchased here (more details below). 

Perhaps a bunch of other Star Wars-related antics will ensue, but RSVLTS will be a part of the upcoming MOSH EISLEY party (10/28 in Las Vegas), we’ll have some merch available at the booth and some other giveaways, and the crew (DTH, Shriner, Scotty, David, etc.) will be there rocking and dancing deep into the night. 

Heck, even Steve might show up sporting his infamous Han Solo cosplay, which he hasn’t worn since “The Force Awakens” movie premiere back in 2015. If we can dig up the photos we’ll share, but definitely better to see the extravagance with your own eyes!

And the party doesn’t stop just with MOSH EISLEY in Vegas either, because as part of the collaboration this means RSVLTS is also partnering up with the entire Thank The Maker podcast network too, which means a ton of additional opportunities and programming - online and IRL - to pop-up throughout 2023. 

Stay tuned for even more details as other experiences surface on the horizon, but in the meantime, here’s the breakdown and some reference links for the Las Vegas Mosh Eisley (pics from previous shows below):

(video from IG; click below)