Field Notes

RSVLTS Rejoices Disney100 Anniversary - Seasonal Collection Release

We’re thrilled for the newest release of Disney100 x RSVLTS apparel, which closely coincides with the actual 100th anniversary date (October 16), and this time with a seasonal focus that includes a reversible bomber jacket, brand new hats AND performance hoodies all based on the previously released designs on RSVLTS signature KUNUFLEX™ button-downs. 

Reminder that the Disney100100 Years of Wonder” campaign officially kicked off earlier this year in January (and was previewed throughout the back half of 2022), which we previously detailed in Field Notes alongside our first collection release, and will carry through all of 2023 and likely taper-off a bit into the new year as the company ushers in a new century of magic. 

What’s special about the Disney100 campaign, which across the board predominantly features a lot of Mickey Mouse due to the significance between the character and the company, is that it marks one of the first times the brand has allowed unified characters across the Disney universe (such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Black Panther, Woody, Winnie the Pooh, Simba, Grogu, Tiana, and others) to be shown together in artwork, on merchandise, throughout the parks and exhibits, etc.

As such, the RSVLTS "Pastel Pals" and "Sketches to Screen" designs are perfect examples of this glorious unification of characters in one place, which we might not ever see again...can you find and name all the characters on each?   

Furthermore regarding RSVLTS merchandise, these limited edition items - typically designed with the Disney100 logo on a patch or tag - will be available online and in stores as long as they’re able to be sold within the overarching campaign.

And that’s what makes these items and designs so special, is that we’re living in a once in a lifetime moment that should truly be cherished, because seldom do we get a chance to be a part of and celebrate these milestones in real time. 

So snag some of these limited edition items while you can (tons more hoodies available beyond below), especially the incredible “Steamboat Mickey” bomber jacket and hats...and stay tuned for even more information and perhaps some additional merch to be released before this most magical year is over!