Field Notes

RSVLTS “Shop Local” Program & Retailer Product Updates

A lot of exciting things have been going on at our retail partners recently, so we figured let's pop in with a little update on all fronts to avoid any confusion or potential speculation.

  • It seems the cat is out of the bag (errrr, the shark jumped out of the water) with our partnership with Universal Parks now that pictures of the Jaws “Da-Dum” tuxedo (SS Kunuflex & hybrid shorts) has started to surface. Expect some additional OG favorites and park exclusives to continue to pop-up at both Hollywood & Orlando locations down the line.
  • As many have also noticed, we are beginning to roll out exclusive colorways on certain styles into various retail stores. These products are created specifically for our retailers to sell and meant for in-store purchase only. This is something we have wanted to do for a while, and it’s been really fun to see it come to fruition these past couple months, as well as to see a lot of excitement as such. Expect more of these colorways moving forward.  
  • We have also been testing the waters with some select “First-to-Retail” products (i.e. Star Wars “All Too Easy” aka Retro Cups, and a select few Captain America styles...). These First-to-Retail drops are where we will release a new product(s) a few weeks prior to our online launch at a retail partner location. Through this, we are essentially giving anyone who wants it a chance to lock it up before launch. Please note these are NOT exclusives to retail, and the product will eventually be online for sale. In-store purchases only for these as well, and in these particular instances, we will do our very best to make sure you all know they will be “First-to-Retail” for sale online too.

In addition to the above updates, we are extremely excited to start sharing Monthly “Retailer Spotlights”, shouting out some of our favorite mom & pop retailers across the U.S. of A. We pride ourselves on building great relationships with our retail partners, and we think this will be a great way of not only getting their name out there further, but also letting you wonderful people know a little bit about them and their story. Looking forward to getting this off the ground next month and beyond!

That’s all for now. Hope we were able to answer some questions for everyone. 

Happy Hunting!

(example below of a "First-to-Retail" product - Star Wars "All Too Easy" at Buc-ee's - which will be a part of a future DTC collection online):