Field Notes

RSVLTS x The Jim Henson Collection - Dark Crystal & Labyrinth

RSVLTS is beyond stoked to drop our second series of The Jim Henson Company collection for Labyrinth, as well as usher in the debut of our first series for The Dark Crystal, which comes in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the beloved cult classic.

The two KUNUFLEX™ button-downs for Dark Crystal - "Age of Wonder" and "Wall of Destiny" - feature your favorite residents of Thra and the epic storytelling Wall itself across both shirts.

Additionally, the new item drop for Labyrinth - "Ello!" - features everyone’s favorite blue-haired talking invertebrate, The Worm, as well as includes a restock of "Further Than You Think" with both Labyrinth shirts now available in a woman's style Kunuflex option. 

In similar fashion as some other drops, we’re going to let some of our editorial friends provide  some additional background and look at the collection on their sites…see/click below to read the various articles!