Field Notes

RSVLTS Travel Collection 2023 - Adventure Awaits

For this series of destinations, RSVLTS is hitting all the gorgeous corners of the globe: from the majestic worlds and landscapes of Japan and Brazil, over to the wild and wonderful land Down Under, we’re celebrating some of the most magical elements of each culture as part of this 2023 RSVLTS Travel Collection

The three shirt KUNUFLEX™ collection - “Her Name Is Rio", “Tokyo in Bloom" and “Land Down Under” are available in both classic and women’s style shirts (women’s featuring camp collars), with the latter also including a hybrid short option. Each vibrant, colorful and playful design will ensure you’re taking in all the various picturesque landscapes across the globe, as well as celebrating local/regional flora & fauna, allllllll year long. No passport or zoological degree necessary either. 

Note that both formats for “Her Name is Rio” features a stylish camp collar, which RSVLTS-own resident Brazilian, Natalia, who has fond memories growing up in Rio and helped with art & style direction, swore would absolutely complete the look. She’s 1000% right and you’ll immediately feel the vibe too. 

So sit back and relax, the course has been charted, your bags stuffed to the seams, and all currencies officially exchanged…welcome to the adventure and presumably a ton of leisure too.