Field Notes

RSVLTS x “Batman” Flannels - Lookbook

Aptly named “The Batman” & “The Joker” each of these BorlandFlex™ flannels are oh so soft, warm, stretchy and comfy...perfect for any/all bat-like occasions, regardless if you’re fighting the mean streets of Gotham, polishing your Batmobile in the driveway or scheming in a warehouse lair with a band of wild henchman. 

Throwing a bonfire soiree with some old Arkham pals or perhaps even a Bat Cave party for New Years Eve? Yup, they both work there too, no questions asked. 

Color schemes are a nod back to the OG vintage characters: the Batman flannel speaks for itself, while in addition to the Joker's infamous colors, just like the man himself, that flannel specifically has a little idiosyncratic surprise hidden underneath the collar. So, quite literally, the joke(r) is now on you (never metaphorically, obvi) AND for the first time ever you don't have to live in fear of popping a collar in public. #StyleIcon  

Lookbook below, featuring the man and legend himself: Mr. Tony Cooley!