Field Notes

RSVLTS x Bayside - Collab News & Other Musings

“And it feeeeeeeeeels, just liiiike home…”

Yup, that’s a line in a chorus by pop punk/metal-rock legends, Bayside, for ya. Belted out like a true legend and scholar, those lyrics couldn’t be more true in this instance, because RSVLTS is proud to announce its official collaboration with Bayside, which is essentially kicking off NOW. 

You first heard about RSVLTS collab with Bayside’s bass player, and Star Wars superfan aficionado (who co-hosts the ThankTheMaker podcast and TTM Network of other incredible SW podcasts) - Nick Ghanbarian (@nickbayside). 

You’ve probably seen Nick in a bunch of RSVLTS content, we’ve traveled with him far and wide across the universe, and if you’ve visited us at a few recent Comic Cons, you might have even met him at our booth. Word on the street is he’s likely going to travel with us to SW Celebration in a couple weeks as well, which is absolutely going to be an epic endeavor.

So net/net, we couldn’t be more stoked to collaborate with such badasses that are Bayside, and on so many levels, so furthermore we have to share two other major things happening basically now and very soon: 

  • First and foremost, in celebration of their final gig of the Just Like Home Tour - in Jersey City might we add - we’re doing what RSVLTS does best and are throwing an epic pre-party before the show this upcoming Sunday (3/12). Want to join? The show is sold out, but the RSVLTS crew will be raging beforehand at Cellar 335 near the venue. 
  • Secondly, and just as epic, this collab with Bayside doesn’t just start/stop with special events and concerts. Nope, no way. So we’re also announcing that a special edition Bayside x RSVLTS KUNUFLEX™ will be dropping online in the coming weeks, which you’ll be able to purchase at the show on Sunday as a first to market offering. 

Stay tuned here and follow the band for more updates on that launch…the Bayside crew will be the ones to break all the drop details, so most definitely follow them @bayside @nickbayside @jackbayside @anthonyraneri @lyttlechris

Likewise, if you haven’t purchased any of their jams yet, check out their official band website to get vinyl and other merch, and of course go to your preferred music streaming platform and give them a spin ASAP. 

We hope to see you out there this Sunday and pretty much anywhere/everywhere Bayside plays in the future - get stoked for the shirt drop as well! 


Photo credit: Alexandra Snow